Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Pain, No Gain.... Right?

Like I Said, I'm A Good Incubator
Well, today we had our appointment with Dr. Mann today to determine whether we deliver this week or next........................
Next week it is. Baby A had a nice little pocket of fluid and she saw no need to push the c-section date up. This was very, very disappointing to hear. Not the part where they are healthy and having a great time in there, but David and I had mentally prepared ourselves for an earlier date for delivery ever since last Monday ~ and not to mention my body fluffing up and crying out in discomfort! I can't do anything anymore without the swelling becoming so overwhelming that I have to sit down and prop up every limb. Sometimes I can't even see my kneecaps... I think my butt even has fluid in there!!! Needless to say the news was hard to swallow, but all we can do now is wait. Who knows, maybe I'll go into labor before then. We'll see!

Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmm........
On a lighter note I made a yummy-delicious pecan peach cobbler last night! It was my first cobbler ever and I think it turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Of course, I did have some help from my trusty sous chef. I found the recipe in Southern Living ~ here's the link. And I actually remembered to take photos! Woohoo! We are going to freeze the leftovers for later when we the boys get here! I also made homemade creamed corn and froze that as well ~ better to be over prepared I guess.

David and I found the juiciest, most fragrant and brightest peaches at Fresh Market! OH MY GOSH... I couldn't stop eating a slice for every peach... Ugh, so good!

Getting ready to bake and become a delicious dessert for us to devour!

Pièce de Résistance

Instead of whipped cream we used a wonderful vanilla bean ice cream to top it off! Enjoy if you decide to make... you will be so happy you did!
Tomorrow I'm making a banana nut bread to freeze as well! I guess I am becoming a little 'Suzy Homemaker'...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Comfy are we???

These past couple of weeks have been getting harder and harder to deal with. My feet and legs will swell up like I'm a 300 pound woman and my hands will not allow me to finish thank you cards! It was hard enough writing David's birthday cards. We are settling in a bit more these days into our new home and anxiously waiting for Baylor and Hunter to grace us with their presence and take our breath away!
So here's the latest....

Sooner or Later They're Gonna Show Themselves
On Monday we had our appointment with Dr. Mann (high risk doc) and everything is still looking great except for Baby A's fluid. It was lower than what it should be, but then again she was not sure if she could actually see the fluid because the boys are a wee bit crowded in there! They are 5 1/2 pounds each these days!!! So, instead of returning in two weeks she asked us to come back in a week. If Baby A's fluid is still low we are going to push the c-section date up! I CAN'T WAIT! I feel like I'm being selfish, but oh my gosh I am soooooooo uncomfortable. If I do go into labor, the doctor said she would not stop things at this point so we'll see on Wednesday what Dr. Mann says... I swear though, if it were up to these two, I'd still be pregnant for another 4 weeks! They are a little too comfortable in there.
On Thursday I met with the last doctor in my OB's practice and she was very nice. She told us to take our hospital bags with us on Wednesday because we could be delivering that day! I am now a total of 156ish pounds! I hate that freaking scale! But I can say that most of it is fluid ~ I don't wake up without something swollen these days.

Here's a photo of me at 36 weeks... I don't think I look any bigger. I do look exhausted though!

Happy Birthday!!!!
Friday was David's 33rd birthday! We celebrated with some of his friends and cooked up some yummy-delicious food! (Unfortunately I was so busy I did not have the time to take photos.) David grilled venison burgers, corn on the cobb and pineapple while I made a watermelon, arugala salad with feta, punch and zeppoles instead of a birthday cake. Next time I make these dishes I will have to post some photos because not only are they super delicious, they are so pretty! And when you have the best and freshest ingredients.... oh it makes all the difference in the world. Ever since our move I've had to find new places to shop and have fallen in love with Fresh Market! They have the juiciest watermelon and sweetest peaches! Ugh, I'm dying for some right now...
Sorry for the diversion! David's birthday was really nice. Hanging out with friends, great food and fishing for the guys ~ I don't think David could have come up with a better day!

Speaking of moving and fishing here are the photos that I promised!


(Please ignore the ugly green chair. Our glider hasn't arrived yet!)

Our plan is to add their names above their individual cribs. I better get on that one, huh?!

I love this sweet painting! There are two others of an elephant and owl. I thought the elephant was a bit too girly because of the eyelashes and haven't seen the owl in stores yet... I'd like to get the owl for the other side maybe one day.

Say "Cheese"!


From the backyard patio

Koi pond

My avid fisherman out there somewhere!

The backyard from the dock

So those are the photos of our nursery and new pad. We really love the view from the kitchen and the boys have a great view as well! It's ours for the next two years anway...

I will try and post on Wednesday the good/indifferent news that we receive. Hopefully I'll be too busy to post anything Wednesday because we're in the delivery room!! Keep your fingers crossed....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pushing Through

Well, that title could be looked at in a few different ways! 1)We are pushing through this move and trying to get our new house back to normal and in living condition; 2) I am pushing through this pregnancy day by day; and 3) these boys are trying to literally push their way out! These past few weeks have been creeping by ever so slowly and yet we've been through so much!

Already Defying Mom's Orders
These two are already turning a deaf ear to what I have to say... I last left you with great news that Baby A was still head down and that we would talk with my delivering doctor about how we would deliver. Dr. Bennett was very promising and said that so long as A is head down she would have no problem with a vaginal delivery. I was SO happy with this news. I really thought that this pregnancy was going to be the ending that I've been wanting. Boy was I wrong! The following week I have a follow up with my high risk doctor (different doc this time actually) and Baby A is now BREECH! How in the Hell did this child move?! Where's the room? Needless to say I cried and was very upset to hear this. The last thing I want is a c-section. I didn't want any drugs, but have to have an epidural. I didn't want a c-section, but that's not the case anymore. What else is there? I know everyone is different, but I just don't want to go through that long recovery time and pain of a c-section. And I want to have that special, intimate moment when giving birth. I feel like that feeling of the actual "giving birth" and bonding moments with your baby/ies are taken away because there is literally a wall between you and them... *sigh* I guess this is why birthing plans really serve no purpose what so ever, in most cases.
So this past week I scheduled a c-section for July 7th at noon (my Grandma Georgia's birthday as well). There is always the chance that they could decide to show themselves earlier though. The doctor said that with twins they want to always wait until 38 weeks or longer, if possible. But at this point, 35 weeks, they will not try to stop labor. I am just so proud that I have made it this far! Also, my doctor's will no longer check my cervix measurements... I guess if I've made it this far it doesn't really matter anymore. But it was a nice way to ease our minds and give us a good estimate on when the time would come!

Here I am at 34 weeks

Weighing In On The Issues At Hand

Oh! The good news of our appointments... the boys weighed in at a whopping 4 pounds 10 oz and 4 lbs 14 oz last week! They are each the same size of a singleton. I am so happy about this. All of that protein that I have been forcing down my throat has been well worth it!
I on the other hand I am now weighing 150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Really 152, but who needs to count those extra two pounds, right?) I told the nurse that I was going to come and take all of their scales and throw them out the window. I think I just need to stop looking at the scale... Watching them push the scale's bar from the 100 marker to the 150 made my heart fall down to my feet and I could feel myself screaming on the inside "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"! I looked at Candace (my nurse) and she just smiled and said "Oh Mrs. Preston... You're having TWINS!! You should be putting on this kind of weight!" This did not help me feel better.

The New Pad
We moved in to our new home a little over a week ago. It is taking me some getting used to, but David is loving it! Of course this move would not have been possible without the much needed help of my family and family friends. My mom helped wash all of the baby clothes and Jackie helped me paint the nursery. Here's a picture of the future dad putting together one of the cribs

Bit by bit this house is coming together. I am still trying to finish the nursery and the boys bathroom. With my feet and hands swollen like they are everyday, it makes getting myself ready a daunting task. The weekend of our move my feet were so bad! I literally look like I'm 300 pounds just from my feet at times. My right hand is always numb now. It's very frustrating...
I will post some photos of our place, the backyard and the boy's nursery/bathroom as soon as I can.
I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow and they're going to actually check my cervix this time so I'll have a better idea of where I stand these days when it comes to going into labor! David will be in Chicago for work all day tomorrow so let's just hope that I don't go into labor until he gets back! ;)