Monday, September 10, 2012

Their First Day

Baylor and Hunter were off to school last week... Can they really be old enough for me to say that?! They started preschool in the 2 year old class and I think they're having fun. The first day there were some tears. More from me, than them. Picking them up later that day, they didn't seem too phased by my absence. This made me kinda sad, to be honest with you!
Oh, but the second day... that was a doozie! They were both screaming and crying. Almost clawing their way back out of the room. Once in the room, Hunter's frustrations were soon eased when he found a truck ready for the taking. Baylor ~ not so much. He needing a little coaxing from his teacher (as I watched ever so carefully through the window. Out of sight). Let's just say that day they were happy to see me! Both running up to me shouting "MAMA!". It (selfishly) made my day :)

Here is a photo from our mini photo shoot that first morning  
Baylor on left; Hunter on right

I am sure this will get better and I will begin to look forward to my "alone" time. I have registered for another photography class and I am so excited to get started this week! I believe I am getting better behind the camera and really want to explore the possibility of starting a business with my passion. The classes will be at Showcase down in Buckhead where I had my first string of classes a few years ago when I was extremely pregnant. Unfortunately, I can no longer walk to the class building since we've moved. But, it'll be nice to get back down to our old 'hood every week and bring home Thai food from our favorite local hole in the wall!  I'll try and keep you updated on the classes and how things are going.
Over on MPN I've been sharing fun recipes from the boys 2nd birthday bash! I need to share my photos with you all from that big day. The weather was perfect and the ice cream/popsicles were a hit! Hope on over to see the recipes and check out my tutorials from the party. I'm wrapping the party posts up this week and cannot wait to share my broccoli soup recipe and my DIY photo props with you!

Have a wonderful week!