Monday, May 31, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

We are officially "homeless". We closed on our house this past Wednesday and have temporarily moved in with some family members here in Atlanta for the time being until this upcoming Friday. It's not our favorite plan (which would involve actually moving in to our new home NOW), but it works. This is definitely better than living in a hotel for almost two weeks! But my poor, sweet Bruizer is in a cage all day everyday being boarded and the dogs are with David's mom. At least they are all being taken care of! We are so ready for life to settle back down ~ for the time being anyway!

One Year, Really??
This past weekend we celebrated our ONE YEAR Anniversary! Can you believe it? Time has just flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday that we said our "I dos" and flew off to Maui. Ah, Maui, how I miss thee.........
Photo on the 'Road to Hana'
Now we are 8 months pregnant, expecting twins none the less, living in someone else's home, waiting on ours to be move-in ready and already needing another vacation in Maui. But needless to say our one year anniversary rocked! We had an amazing maternity photo shoot and had so much fun! (David loves the camera!) I cannot wait to get the photos online and choose which ones we want to have as our "framers"! But the best part is that we actually get to keep all of the photos taken. Also, the photographer loved us so much he wants to do another photo shoot with us, free of charge! How sweet of a deal is that?! I talked to him a few weeks ago about doing an outdoor shoot in a field somewhere because I love the natural look you can get with the right sunlight/exposure. It can almost have a vintage look to the photos... well he wants to try that! So once this weather clears up, we're heading outdoors. I think this will be even better than the studio photos... When I have the photos I'll post a couple up!!
After our photo shoot David took me out for a fabulous dinner at Pricci! This is where we had our "first" date and David proposed! So it was very fitting that we end up back at Pricci. Here are some pics...

A dessert that they brought us to help celebrate our night

Preggers Update
As for me and the babes, we're doing great! I am now 33 weeks and still kicking and am so lucky to be up and about so late in the game with twins. But, I am definitely at my breaking point. My feet and hands started to swell right as my 3rd trimester hit and I cannot wear my wedding rings anymore. My shoes are a bit tight as well, so I'm just wearing flops at all times when possible. My back and hips are really starting to hurt more and more as well. Other than these few aches and pains, I'm feeling great ~ if you can really say that... I'm just thankful to not be on bedrest and/or in the hospital. So I'll take these pains with pride, for now!
We have a doctor's appointment on Thursday so we may get some more insight on how I'm progressing. We do not have another ultrasound until next Monday so we never really know exactly how I'm doing until those appointments roll around.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and long Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will Life Ever Be Normal Again?

So it's been a while since my last post and boy have things have been crazy around here! Between this pregnancy, work (that I just quit, again), moving, classes (pregnancy and photography), doctor appointments... I just want another vacation!

Let's start with our appointment with Dr. Mann two weeks ago. So the check up was going well with the boys are weighing 3lb3oz and 3lb1oz each, "beautiful and healthy", but mom... not so much. My cervix measured almost half the size as it was two weeks prior! So of course Dr. Mann had us totally freaked out! She hooked me up to a monitor to see if I was having contractions and going into early labor... everything obviously checked out alright. But she told me to rest, rest, rest. So, I quit my job and am trying to do so. But it's been so hard with this move!

Our next appointment the next week was with Dr. Bennett. I have gained yet another 3.5 pounds! I guess that's not as bad as 4.5. So I think I'm now at 143ish? I can't remember. I believe I mentally blocked out the numbers. To my surprise I received quite the opposite reaction from Dr. Bennett about measurements from the prior week. She was happy with my appointment and thought that my cervix measurement was great to be 31 weeks pregnant with twins. She said most women with twins/more are around 1cm at 31 weeks or earlier. This news definitely made me feel better about things.

Yesterday, Monday, we had our latest appointment with Dr. Mann. I was definitely worried about this check up because of the pains I have been having and how my last check up ended. But low and behold, my measurement was longer!! What?! Really? Dr. Mann was definitely all smiles this time! She said my weight gain is great, the boys look "fabulous" and that my measurements are perfect. The boys are now at a whopping 3lb12oz and 3lb14oz! That's almost 8 pounds! And boy am I feeling their weight gain. Every jolt, stretch, karate chop to the other... I'm getting the short end of the stick here!

Some other good news is that I could possibly have a vaginal delivery instead of the dreaded C-section! I am extremely happy about this news! Baby A (I'm thinking that's Baylor) is still head down (YAY!) and has moved over to the left, creating some room for his brother to come on down! Baby B is still transverse BUT he's at an angle pointing head down.... so there is a HUGE possibility that he could move head down. And if Dr. Bennett would allow me to have a vag birth, Baby B could move in the right direction once he has the extra room. Dr. Mann thinks Bennett will be absolutely comfortable with this so we'll see next Thursday what she says!

Here's what the boys are looking like this week! Let's hope they both end up in this direction soon!!!

But not everything is turning out so "swell" for me these days... (key word being swell in that sentence). As soon as my third trimester hit, my hands and feet started to swell! My hands more so than my feet. My fingers hurt all day long, especially first thing in the morning, and there's nothing that I can do! I've tried wearing braces but they just don't seem to work and are very uncomfortable. I can't even get my wedding rings over my knuckles anymore. I told David that I feel like I'm his pregnant mistress when we go out because he has on his ring... I feel so naked without it!

I thought I'd share these photos of David putting our new stroller together. I can't wait until he can actually put our cribs together!

Dad striking a pose...

The stroller is a Baby Jogger ~ City Select... it's pretty awesome! The seats come out so we can put our car seats in, in any direction... I can't wait to take our little ones for a stroll in the park next to our new house!

I don't have a photo of my belly from two weeks ago to post. Like I said earlier, things have been so crazy around here and I think part of us was just too lazy and we forgot! But here's one for today at 32 weeks (8 months)...

Moving sucks...
We are out on our tails tomorrow ~ we close on our home and can't move into our new place until next Friday, June 4! So for the time being we are going to stay with Jane and Woody (my stepdad's sister and brother-in-law). Thank goodness they have a place here in Atlanta or we'd be moving into an Extended Stay and that costs $.

This move has been trying. Poor David ~ he has been working his tail off packing, loading and moving things between our house, the PODS and a second storage unit that we had to get!!! Needless to say we have lots of stuff. It may be time to go thru it all, again, and see what we really need... But, in our defense, the first storage unit is full of baby stuff! So we shouldn't feel too bad, right?

I am definitely ready for next Friday to get here though. This nesting bug in me has been dying to get out for two months now! Our cribs are still in boxes, clothes have to be washed, I don't have any decorations for the nursery because I don't know how the layout will be... ugh. I'm ready for this move to be over with!

Here are a couple of "before" photos of our move...

On a different note, I don't think I shared these photos with you! I was surprised one day with beautiful flowers from my darling sweetpea! It definitely made my day because I was in need of a good pick me up...

I will try to keep up with these posts a little better. Hopefully next week will be a bit calmer and I can wrap my mind around what's going on!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy Little Bees...

I do not remember the last time I was this busy! Aren't you supposed to rest during your pregnancy?! Well, not this preggers!

Doctors and Tests and Babies, Oh My!
We are now in the stage of the pregnancy where there's a doctor's appointment every other week. And since there are two doctors, this means one appointment every week. Last week was week 28 and our check up with Dr. Mann. At this appointment I found out just where those extra pounds came from... the boys! They are each 2.8 and 2.3 pounds! They have doubled their weight in just a month. I am so happy that they are growing at a healthy pace and are not under weight! Things are still looking up for us!
I also had my second, and dreaded, glucose test Thursday (April 29) to see if I test positive for gestational diabetes. Well, I PASSED!!! I am extremely happy about this! But I was not too fond of that damn test. I would never wish this on anyone... So I arrive at the doctor's office at 8:30 AM and they take my blood before I drink this outrageously horrible, sugar loaded, syrup water of a drink! Then she takes my blood again one hour later. Another hour later, (I'm lying down at this point because I've crashed from the sugar meanwhile the boys are on a sugar high!), my blood is drawn, again. And after another hour of waiting I have my blood drawn yet again. All in all, I have my arm poked FOUR times, each time hurting worse than before. This was awful! I eventually made it out of there around 11:45ish. I was starving and could not wait to get food in my belly...
By this point I am 28 weeks... Let's see, can you tell there's an extra 10 pounds since the last time I posted a photo?

Here's a photo from Baby Center of what twins look like at 28 weeks. Looking a bit cramped. I can relate!

This past Thursday I had my latest doctor's appointment with Dr. Bennett. I have gained yet another 4 pounds!! What in the hell are these babies eating?! 4 pounds in 2 weeks? Really? I almost fell over. I understand that I'm carrying twins, but geez! So that photo above... add some extra belly to it! And after my loving post last time about how my wonderful husband goes with me to all of these appointments, he has decided to forgo the Dr. Bennett appointments. I don't blame him. Not much going on with these appointments and they are every other week now... a bit much to take on every week. But he'll definitely go to Dr. Mann's visits because we get to see our little ones every time!

Baby Showers!!!
We feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives! April 24 we had our very first baby shower! It was a couple's shower given to us by our moms and we had a great time! It was nice to just chat with everyone and hang out with friends. The food was great and the gifts from our moms were so amazing! We loved everything from everyone, but theirs were very special to us! Here are some photos from the shower...

My mom gave us my old bassinet as part of our gift! My little sister and brother used it as well and it's very special to me. Hopefully the boys will fit in there together for a little while...

And the next weekend (May 1) I had a great baby shower with just the girls. It was a great time! We did play a game, the "fertilization game". Pretty hilarious!! (See if you can guess why it's called this from the photos). Aubree and Luci were so wonderful and really did a great job hosting my shower! I loved everything! And the food was delicious! Here are some photos...

Playing the "Fertilization Game"

Ahhhh.... the Babymoon
This weekend David and I took a little trip down to Destin, FL to get away. With all of the baby and house planning that has been going on this was a much needed vacation . Not to mention the stress that David has been going through with work. So Destin was a life saver! Here's what our agenda looked like for the weekend..............

Nothing, absolutely nothing. And it was so wonderful! We sat on the beach all day Friday and Saturday. David read an entire book and I went through trash tabloids and baby magazines. I did bring back a scorching tan though! It was really nice to just talk and sit with David for hours on end. I feel like we really connected on a different level with one another, almost like a mini honeymoon. I guess that's why they call it a "babymoon"! Below are a few photos from our perfect, relaxing, and sunny babymoon.

The guys fishing caught a little Sting Ray. And of course my avid outdoorsman had to lend a helping hand!

Our amazing B&B! The staff was so wonderful, the room was great and the food really good!

Here's a photo that I took for my photography class. What do you think? I had to use the Aperture function for this assignment (focusing in on one particular object while the rest of the photo is "blurry").

Like I've said... I/we have been busy, busy, busy! May is a non-stop month for us so hopefully June will be the calm after the storm! Monday we have another appointment with Dr. Mann so there's more to come!