Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catchin' Up

We are now almost 14mo old! Can you believe it?! I still don't know where all of the time went. When I find it, I will let you know. But, in the meantime, here's a little bit about my buggers.


~ I am running everywhere these days! I will walk, but only if it's required...
~ I got my very first pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago. They took some getting used to, but I figured them out!
~ I am very smart! I know who the fireman (lego toy man) is and the construction worker too! I even know what the fireman's doggy looks like and can get that for you too.
~ I love dogs sooooo much! I get so excited when I see them on TV, in a book or in the street. They make me very happy.
~ I really like to talk and point at all of the things around me. Lights are my biggest fascination right now.
~ I really like to roll the ball around the room or to you! It is so much fun!
~ I am now eating like a "big boy". Things like sandwiches and chicken nuggets. I also like crackers! They're fun to crunch + munch on. Mommy thinks I look like a little rabbit.
~ I ask about "da" all the time. I will point at the bedroom door or garage door (where I always see daddy coming in) and say "Da?". He brightens my day!
~ If you are laying down on the floor and I want you to sit up, I will try to pick you up the best I can! I will grab your hand or put my hands under your head and pull/push you... What? I am determined and know what I want.
~ I like to sit in mommy + daddy's lap when they are on the floor and read books with them.
~ I took off my poopy diaper just for mommy during nap time the other day. It's what I like to call P-Day. Poop was everywhere! Sheets, bed rails, fingers...
~ I am feeding myself with a spoon these days. Only things like Greek yogurt though. Otherwise it's on the floor, my forehead, hair, walls, etc.!
~ I have another tooth... this makes 8 now!


~ I am walking full speed ahead these days. Not quite as fast as Baylor, but I'm catching up!
~ I have a brand new pair of shoes! They are awesome and I can walk really well in them.
~ I used sign language two weeks ago to say "more"! Mommy + daddy were so proud! Been workin on that one for 13 months now...
~ I said Tigger!!! And it really sounded like that... "tih-ga"
~ I get super excited when I see doggies. Whether they are on TV, walking down the road or in our living room, I shout out "Dahg"!
~ I love to read. I will sit on the floor with a book and just flip the pages over and over again. I love it when I find a dog in my books.
~ I eat like a big boy when it comes to sandwiches + toast, etc. I like to munch on crackers too! I look like a little bunny...
~ I know where the music comes from in our playroom. When I want to hear it, I will point to the radio and stand nearby waiting patiently!
~ Once the music starts, I run over to the gate, hold on for dear life, + dance my little heart out! Shaking my head back + forth really fast is my signature move.
~ I have this weird crawl where I put my head on the floor + crawl really fast while my head is still touching the ground... It's so funny!
~ I am starting to talk alot more! And I am really beginning to have better pronunciation my words. Words like truck, dog, cat, ball are all starting to sound out!
~ I am climbing on top of everything!
~ I am getting a little better at feeding myself with a spoon... only things that stick to the spoon though! Unless mommy's helping. 
~ I also have another tooth! 6 for me...

Go Braves!
We took the boys to their second Braves game last week! And boy was it HOT... I don't remember the last time I sweated this badly. Yuck. But, the Braves won and the boys had a great time!

If you zoom in on the photo of Baylor, he kinda looks like Brad Pitt don't ya think?! (Please don't pay attention to me...) We definitely have two very handsome boys! GQish, no?!

Playdates! Finally! 
Two days in a row too! Wow, have I gone mad? 
First, we met Suzanne + Micheal at Hammond Park for some play time {+ mommy time as well}. Sand and swings. Could this day get any better?

The next day we met Heather + her little man, Wyatt, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Let's just say that having two, at this age, is not easy! They're still in the "new to walking" phase, "I have to touch everything + put it in my mouth" phase, + the "meltdown every time you keep me from doing what I want" phase. If I had had an extra set of hands this day would have been much, much easier! But, lesson learned and we will go back better prepared next time. :)

The Children's garden at the ABG is super cute and very entertaining for kids! Story time, water to splash in, mazes, gardens, ponds with fish... you name it, they have it! And it's so peaceful. When it's not overrun with kids for story time of course! We took the boys last year for their two month birthday. But, it was mainly an escape out of the house for mommy + daddy. And we just lounged in the grass feeding these two little, innocent, dependent angels.
This time around?! We're talking two not-so-innocent anymore, INdependent monsters! :) Don't get me wrong. They're still my little angels. But, they want down to explore. Which I love, but doing it alone... it's like which kid do I keep an eye on more? They're splitting up, going every which-away, + kicking + screaming when I try to put them back in the wagon. Whew! It was a tough day!

I have a big announcement coming soon! So keep your eyes peeled! Hint: it's why I've been so MIA lately...