Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Is Going To Be A Long One...

There has been a ton going on lately, so brace yourself for a long post! Baylor and Hunter turned another corner and are now 6 months old; snow and ice turns Atlanta into a desolate metropolis; and, back down to Bartow/Waynesboro we go for round 2 of our family Christmas get together.

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. It has been soooo cold outside! The second week of January brought in colder weather, ice and snow! Lots of snow. And boy did we know it... roads and highways were shut down due to ice, our driveway was coated in ice and the lake behind our house had a nice layer as well!!! Here are some pics from our very first "winter storm"!

The ducks and geese were walking everywhere...

Growing up
Baylor and Hunter are now 183 days old. 24 weeks old. SIX MONTHS OLD!!! Where did the time go? Did I sleep for a month and miss something? B & H are practically sitting up on their own, using high chairs and eating tons of different foods these days! Oh yeah! And did I mention that they're pretty much crawling!!!!!

learning to crawl

learning to crawl

Our little bohemian

"who's that handsome fella?"

Did I mention that Hunter is crawling?!!!? How exciting! Here's a little video that David captured this morning.

Here's another fun video of the Hunter & Baylor enjoying a little peek-a-boo with mommy!

Family Christmas ~ Take 2

We were scheduled to have Christmas with my mom's family Christmas weekend. But with the flu bouncing around, everyone decided to have a rain check. So the Preston family packed it all up, again, and went down to Waynesboro for our family get together. We had such a great time! My family finally met B & H and McKenzie was such a sweet little cousin playing with the boys and holding them!

To & Fro
Although the weather was pretty crappy in the beginning, it's been a wee bit tame lately. So it's been great to take the boys out and about! We met some friends for lunch on MLK day and the boys got to meet their little girl, Sofia. She's so stinking precious!

Sofia eating her delicious eclaire after yummy fish tacos at Taqueria

We took the boys on their first trip to Athens this week to watch their (and our) first basketball game! Needless to say we were not there for long... the halftime show was awesome! ~ Can you just hear the sarcasm?

This pic was taken by a drunk college kid... so I guess it was great according to his standards!

On this same Athens trip we got to see Aunt Jackie! It was nice seeing my sister in the middle of the week. A nice change of pace.

Today was B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! 69° + sunny = perfect day for a stroll down in Virginia Highlands!! We had lunch on the patio at Osteria, walked around and did a little window shopping, fed the boys on a bench and had some fabulous gelato! This day couldn't get any better!

Just for fun, here are some cute pictures of the boys

Hunter loves to make this scrunchy face now. I don't know where he got it from, but it's so funny!

and again...

Granny Smith apples were not the way to go for a first apple experience!

Looking out into the unknown...

Showing Bruizer a little love

(Our poor Bruizer had to be taken to the ER vet last night. I found a good amount of blood in the tub and David rushed him to the vet. It turns out he has a kidney infection. My poor kitty!!! The vet said he may be ok. Once they remove the catheter we'll know more. I will keep you posted on his condition.)

Hanging out with mommy in the kitchen, just mixing up some bottles