Wednesday, April 21, 2010

27 weeks... and still going!

So far so good I suppose. I'm still able to stand on my own, my feet haven't swollen to the size of blimps and no contractions... What has changed though is my weight! We had our monthly doc appointment today and I'm up to 136 pounds! Say what?! As I stood on the scale and watched the nurse put the bar on the 100 marker and then slowly move the smaller one towards the right, I couldn't help but think "No, no, no, noooooo!!". I've gained almost 10 pounds in one month! Can you believe that? But I had to remind myself that I'm carrying two little guys in there and they're going to gain weight. So long as it's them and not me!
No real updates though. Just listened to their heartbeats at this appointment, again. 140 and 145 which is really good. The "normal" range is anywhere between 120 and 170. And so long as they're close to one another, I'm not stressing as much! Next week is our favorite appointment, with Dr. Mann, because we get to see them! And we'll get to see them more often now. We are now into the part of my pregnancy where we visit the doctor every two weeks. This means a doctor appointment every week for us and we get to see our little ones twice a week! Can you say spoiled?? I also had my second gestational diabetes test today. Fingers crossed that I passed again because if I fail, I have to sit there for THREE hours, drink more of that nasty, sugary paste of a drink and give them blood every hour on the hour... Sounds like fun, huh?
As you may have noticed, throughout my pregnancy blogging I use words like 'us', 'our', 'we', etc. when I talk about "my" pregnancy and appointments. That is because David has been to every single appointment with me thus far! Even Dr. Bennett today gave him kudos because no other husband/fiance/boyfriend would consider it. It was brought up because he was joking around about not hanging out for a 3 hour adventure at the doctor's office with me if I had to for our next appointment. I don't blame him! It would be torture (and I don't just mean them poking me with that damn needle!). But it has been so nice to share these appointments with him, even if it is just listening to their heartbeats and measuring my belly... he still gets to feel as though he's really a part of this whole process. :) *Love ya babe!*

On a different note, I start taking photography classes next Tuesday. They will be every Tuesday for six weeks. I'm pretty excited! I have always wanted to take classes like this. And now that we have babies on the way I really want to learn how to use my nice camera. I know that I will be taking 100's of photos of our boys and I want some of them to be frame/gift worthy!!! (Side note ~ old faithful broke on me this past weekend! My amazing camera that I've had for 3 years, carry everywhere with me and have used to take 1000's of photos has just died. I will take her to Best Buy to be fixed, but I think it's time for a replacement.) With these classes come assignments and require you to actually use your camera. So, hopefully with my new training in the photography world there will be post worthy pics here soon! :) I'll keep ya posted on my progress.

We have our first baby shower this weekend and then our next doc appointment Monday so there will be plenty to talk about next week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Rubber Ducky, You're the One..." ~ Ernie

Festivals, food and perfect weather...
So this past weekend Atlanta was full of action packed fun! There was a plethora of choices: Sweetwater 420 Festival; Dogwood Festival; Atlanta Hawks playoff game; some sort of Geek conventions; and Atlanta's all time favorite ~ FREAKNIK! :) David and I of course chose the safest of them all, the annual Dogwood Festival! It's always a great time walking around Piedmont Park and looking at all of the vendors beautiful art work from metal workings to paintings to pottery.

Here's a beautiful photo of my love stuffing his face with a crab cake sandwich

And on the serious side

One reason I wanted to troll through all of the booths was to find something unique for our little ones on the way. We did not find a thing until our last leg of the festival. How cute is this picture!?! We are going to put it in their bathroom. New bathroom should I say... (see later)

We found a new home!!!
That's right, we have a new home! We are so excited about this place. It is up GA400, about 20 minutes from our home now. It is closer to David's office and is at the end of a beautiful neighborhood. The home backs up to an 11 acre lake in the middle of Dunwoody! Who knew?! It's a 3-4br/3ba, full basement, two car garage home with a dock in the lake. And did I mention perfect? Some rooms are a bit dated, but there is the possibility of a purchase for us in a couple of years, so we could always renovate. For now we are going to rent because we felt like we shouldn't rush into anything with such a short time find the house for our future family. Hopefully things work out for us because this home is perfect for our two little boys and their daddy! Fishing at the lake, chasing the geese in the back yard and finding frogs (HUGE frogs) in the coy pond... Hopefully dad will not partake the last two! ;) There's also plenty of room for another baby if we decide it's the time in a few years. In the coming weeks I may be able to post some pics of the home if we get to go back before our move in date of June 1... Which is soooo upsetting. I will be 8 months preggers with two cribs in boxes, an empty nursery let alone an empty home and no decorations for their nursery because I am not able to set anything up/know the lay of the land just yet! We may get lucky and the present tenants will move out sooner so we can move in when this house closes. Fingers crossed!

And now, for your viewing pleasure... Ernie from Sesame Street ~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Well we're movin' on up...." ~ The Jeffersons theme song

Home Sweet Home ~ Mötley Crüe
Well, our home sweet home is finally under contract!!!!! Woo hoo! We are so ecstatic! The only hurdle left is our inspection that was done today. After that, we should be good to go. David and I hit the pavement this past weekend looking online, in the papers and talking to tons of realtors about properties to rent. Since we're just now getting into the moving process we have not had the time to look at school districts and homes within those 'zones'... so why not rent for a few years? And if we love the house and the schools end up being great, we may have the possibility of buying. Oh the possibilities... and things to think of! Geesh! Once we have a place and sign a contract I'll post photos of the NEW "Home Sweet Home". Fingers crossed!

Baby, Baby, Baby ~ TLC
These little ones are getting big! I am now 26 weeks (6.5 months) and just don't know how much more room these two can take up. Tuesday night (exactly 26 weeks) I was feeling so much movement and in places that I had never felt before! I am wondering if they moved positions because I am not as big across anymore as I am out! This would be a GREAT thing. I am agonizing over the thought of having a C-Section. This is the last thing I want. I have always had it in my mind that I would give a natural birth ~ no drugs; no stress; just me, David, the doc and a peaceful delivery.... Well, Dr Bennett doesn't seem to think is possible since I'm having twins. We'll see as we get closer to D-Day.

Here I am at 26 weeks ~ Big huh?

Take Me Out to the Ball Game ~ Jack Norworth
Last week David and I were invited to see the Braves play. It was a great night! Perfect weather, Braves beat the Cubs (3-2), saw Chipper hit a homer, and our seats were awesome! Here's a photo of us. I'm not loving it because I think I just look like a beached whale... but what can ya do? At least I know I'm pregnant in this one...

Can't wait to share our doc appt with you next week!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It is now 6 months (and 1 week to be exact) and I'm feeling really blessed to have made it this far without any complications! The third trimester is right around the corner! If we can make it just 10 more weeks we'll be golden!! Dr Bennett said early on that every week after 32 is a blessing. And after running into so many women with their horror stories of literally moving into the hospital at 20 weeks or giving birth 3 months early... I've now decided that I'm doing so much better than I thought! :)

Here I am at week 24 (month 6) and not loving the photos these days...

Front view ~ I look like I swallowed a basketball!

And our latest ultrasound photos

We think baby B has mommy's nose...

And baby A definitely has daddy's toes...

Weighing in at a whopping 1lb 6oz and 1lb 7oz, they have already doubled in weight since our last checkup! Dr Mann was very happy with their development and weight. As usual, she kept saying how beautiful they were and that they are just perfect! (We think so too.) I have been feeling them move around so much these past couple of weeks! Luckily it has not been keeping me up at night... yet. I hate to say it, but I can't wait until I can actually see a tiny foot or hand poking out. I can see them move my belly though, which is amazing in itself!
So far I'm loving being pregnant... :)

And I was so surprised last week when my sweet hubby, wonderful daddy-to-be brought these home just for me! He said they were for making it to 6 months! Aren't they beautiful! They remind me of my wedding bouquet...