Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas... Happy New Year?

Is it really that time of year when we all come together to celebrate soooo many reasons of the season?! Doesn't it feel as though were just in the middle of celebrating... well, nothing? As an adult, I'm beginning to see why children are so fond of the holidays ~ they don't have to do anything! Maybe I am putting too much pressure on myself. Or, just maybe, it is because the retail industry will not let me forget in JUNE {that's before 4th of the July, remember?} that Christmas is approaching? Retail industry's fault, not mine. Right? Either way, I am ready for the new year to get here! I feel as though we have been hit with one holiday after another in little to no time at all. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year's Eve. Don't forget Valentine's Day. Then there's St. Patrick's Day. AND EASTER.......... I know they don't all have to be celebrated. But in my world, they do! One month right after the other. Ugh. Couldn't the people who made these dates spread 'em out a bit?! Jeez.

With all of that said, I am a wee bit behind on my blogging/updating. Having kids has changed what happens during "free time".  But, as I promised in my last post ~ I will reveal the "BIG SECRET"...

Que music 'da da da daaaaa.....'

That's it! That's my big ol' secret. I am opening an Etsy shop! I love crafting + making my own cards {as you know}. So much, I figured this would be the best way to share it with the world. I make all of our family invitations + decorations no matter what the occasion. It let's my creative monster roam + enjoy being in the free world for a moment (before the real little monsters wake up from their nap!). And doing all of this somehow gives my life a little balance and makes me feel really happy when someone loves my birthday invitations, thank you cards or their Christmas card that I made. Forty. By hand. ;)
I am very fortunate to have a wonderful, loving + supportive husband, family + friends who really, truly want to me succeed in what ever path this life may lead me. It's reassuring to think that I am wandering down the right path. I just have to really recognize it + move forward with the confidence that everyone else seems to have in me...

Now that you know all that I have been keeping from you, I would love for you to join me on my newest adventure. This is sort of like my third child if you will. My goal is to have my Etsy shop up and running for business by mid-January. I also plan to have my "Etsy-blog" moving along as well, which is also called Mon Petit Nid.
Mon Petit Nid {french} means "My Little Nest". I chose this name for one reason only: I do everything with my family in mind. Whether it is in the kitchen or on my computer or by hand, I do everything for my family with lots of love. All for my little nest. I make the birthday cakes and Valentine's Day cards. It's the Christmas card for "dad"/David + the Halloween invitations with the creepy, yet intriguing decorations to follow suit.
This is all from my home to yours. The only reason I create these things is because I love sharing this happiness inside of me with friends + family. And oddly enough, having glue squirted into my eye {yes, that did happen for Halloween invitations one year}, hot glue burns on my fingers and 100 Photoshop do-overs are all part of what drive me crazy + make me happy at the same time!
My newest blog will be all about our everyday lives + what it takes to keep us going. From homemade play~dough to the greatest toy in our world to what you should be cooking for dinner! I have so many wonderful ideas that I know you would enjoy + hopefully find useful in your everyday lives. I don't want my Etsy shop to just be about PayPal in the end. I want my blog readers to enjoy my products + I want my Etsy enthusiasts/clients to enjoy any advice or ideas that I can give! After all, this is from my home to yours.
And by the way... if you're not familiar with Etsy, you should be! It is the greatest avenue of all that is handmade/vintage. I just cannot put my obsession with this site into words. Please check it out for yourself! Handmade is where it's at people!
And then there is Pinterest. But that is another story!

Come back for another update on our Thanksgiving, Christmas and what will be New Years Eve celebrations! There's lots to talk about and catch up on!


PS~ Any advice or comments are always welcome! If you have any encouraging words of wisdom about Etsy {or just how to keep twin 18mo boys in check!} they are always welcome! Or maybe something you'd like to have made?! I'd love to hear back from you!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patches, Cows + Costumes...

... continuation from the last post...

We're still catching up on all of the adventures of the Preston household! We've had so much going that we have encountered a ton of "firsts"! Ready? Here goes...

Children's Museum
A child's imagination comes to life! This place truly is a wonderful place to take your children if you are ever in Atlanta. Coloring on walls, dress up, balls, a machine to transport and throw those balls, Farmers Market with a tractor and cow {that moos of course}, mega blocks, train station, tunnels.... You name it, it's there! The boys were so happy they just didn't know what to do first! Unfortunately, I don't think there is any way I could manage this by myself. They were all over the place! One wants to build blocks, the other wants to run around the food truck... Whew.

Then it was off to our first Greek Festival! WOW... Let me just say ~ the food was amazing! We met our friends Carl + Sherri with their little one(s) Sofia {whom I just adore to the core} and the "Childers Bun in the Oven". We had a wonderful time catching up, listening to live music, + eating tons of food {especially the Baklava}.

Sofia riding the train at the festival

Goodbye My Little Baby Boy
Baylor had is very first haircut last month. I was so proud of him! Baylor actually sat still and didn't fuss. I was also proud of myself ~ I did not shed one tear. BUT! I was on edge the entire time. He just looks like a BIG boy now. A two year old, if I dare say. It was the right decision to make though. Here is before and then after:

"Geez... the camera again?!"
By the way, did I mention these two are running all over the house now? I turn around one day and Baylor is walking down the steps into the living room area. What the...? When did you learn how to do that?! He uses his hands to hang on to the rails and steps down. And Hunter is so cute. He will get on his belly a full two feet before the first step and slide backward, if he's not sitting on his bottom. Sweet buggers!

Pumpkins + Hay Rides
For a fun filled morning we took the boys up to Kinsley Family Farm. We joined other mothers of multiples {North Fulton Mothers of Multiples club} to enjoy a hay ride, participate in planting a tree and picnic! We all had a blast! Here are some photos from our day

Hunter, the social bee {"butterfly" just doesn't work here}
Wanting to share his pumpkin
 "Just kidding!!"
Planting our tree
family photo opp {it's a bit bright, but it'll do!}
 checking out all of the catfish

Green Acres
We took a trip down to Bartow for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. And just let me say, going down to see my family for a weekend is no small feat. The packing, checking, repacking, double checking + then finally able to say "I didn't forget anything this time" while we're on our way out of the driveway! But, it's all worth it once we get there and set up camp. This was no prop up your feet, relax for a while kind of trip though. We went to my brother's Homecoming football game that Friday night, saw cows first thing the next morning, went to visit the pigs in the barn next door, + then saw my Grandma + Papaw the next day before heading back home. Whew.... what a whirlwind! Here are the pictures to prove it:

Friday night lights ~

We had to make a pit stop on the way to my mom's... pretty fitting for Halloween huh? Hey! It was literally the only place the boys {+ dog} could run around!!

 Once we touched down in Bartow we were immediately off to see the Jaguars play. The boys did really well! They were intrigued by all of the people and the players....
the pom poms + cow bells...
Baylor + Grandma Ann cheering on the Jags

Farm Livin'~
scoping out the scene

B with Grandma Ann
family photo opp again
cute donkey on the farm ~ he is so fluffy and sweet!
looks like he is smiling in this photo

Not quite sure what goes through Hunter's mind when this meltdown happens... but geesh! He's a mess. Here he is with his great grandpa Papaw.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! But now with two little ones to take care of, the celebration sure has changed a bit around here... Our neighborhood had a get together to meet everyone new, eat tons of food and celebrate before all of the trick or treaters were set loose! The boys were just as adorable this year as the year before. But this time, we dressed them according to their likes and personalities...

Meet the King of the Jungle
and the sweetest monkey you'll ever lay eyes on!
Who both won "cutest costume" in the contest!

Roaming through the wild jungle

Since it's been quite some time, we should get y'all updated on how the boys are doing individually!

~ At 16mo I am into EVERYTHING!!!!! I cannot keep my hands off of what ever is in my path, out of my way to touch or just within plain eye sight. Must. Touch. Everything. {even if I am told NO a thousand times about the same thing in one day ~ I can be a bit mischievous}
~ I am the pickiest eater you have ever met. One day I like your scrambled eggs. The next, maybe not so much. I refuse to eat anything that looks like, smells like, tastes like pasta or chicken {unless it's chicken tenders of course}!
~ I love to eat crackers + all kinds of fruit though! I will never turn down a banana. Snack time is my favorite meal(s) of the day!
~ I love, love, LOVE ducks! We have so many ducks in our pond out back! Sometimes a dozen at one time. They make me soooo happy that all I can do is yell "Dugh! Dugh!" +  drag mommy over to the window to look with me.
~ I love to give mommy kisses all of the time!!! I am working on kissing daddy more... But, I do give pretty awesome hugs!
~ Reading + puzzles are really becoming an important part of my daily routine. I still love Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. But now, I love the book even more because I can push the sliding tabs myself!
~ I love to be tickled!
~ I have an infectious laughter. I think that is why they are always tickling me!
~ Playing with planes + cars is so much fun. Hunter + I like to fly them through the air and pretend that we are driving!
~ I really love my brother. A lot. I hug him and give him kisses so much!
Here is a video of me earlier this week trying to wake Hunter! He was super sleepy! I like to do this. Wake up Hunter, that is. I have been caught throwing my lovey and stuffed animals on him over our cribs. Then I yell really loud! It works sometimes. :)

~ I now have 14 teeth!!! My bottom two molars came in the first week of November, then on my 16mo birthday, I received the "blessing" of two more up top. Woohoo! I love waking everyone up at 5am!
~ Stairs having nothing on me! I just grabbed on to the rails one day and walked down... Piece of cake!
~ I am really good at kicking the ball now!
~ Run. Run. Run. Run....
~ I know all sorts of things! Ask me about my ears, nose, toes, feet, hands, animals and their noises... I can even whistle through a straw for you!
~ My face has the sudden urge to do this

~ Obviously from the video above you can tell that I am a heavy sleeper. I get this from my daddy! 
~ I am always smiling + laughing! I have the funniest laugh ever. "har har har har.... AH heh heh heh heh....!" It is such a loud laughter that everyone turns to see.
~ I love to run around the house with Baylor. We will chase each other or mommy + daddy will run after us! It is so much fun!!!!
~ Sitting down with a book or imaginary play with cars + planes is what I love to do... Just ask and I'll show you have to drive!
~ I am such a fast learner. I know my ear, nose, toes, feet, hands, belly button, sounds that animals make, all sorts of animals, how to turn everything on + off {drives mommy crazy!}.... I could go on, but don't want to sound too obnoxious
~ Hanging around is pretty awesome. No. Literally. I like to hang upside down!
~ I can climb up and down stairs all by myself! I watched Baylor + just followed him right down.
~ I am getting really good at throwing the ball around.
~ I am very sensitive. I get this from my mommy...
~ I love hugs + kisses. I give nice, juicy open mouth kisses! Want one? Sorry, they're only for mommy. {daddy + Baylor get lucky every now + then!} Here I am doing what I do best
~ If you ask me to do something... oh let's say I took out all of the diapers from the changing station. If you ask me to put them back where I found them, I will!! I love praises + then I clap my hands for myself after I am finished :)
~ I had a P-Day {Poop Day} myself this week! Mommy was on all fours cleaning out the entire playroom with Clorox wipes and washing all of the toys that were dirty. Stupid diapers.
~ "Car. Car. Car. Car. Car. Car. Car. CAR!" This is what I sound like in a parking lot.

Some fun photos to browse through!

Does this remind you of any movie in particular?!

Dinosaur Train! Our favorite these days
" I didn't do it!"
 They both like to make silly faces!
 David chasing the boys around
Exchanging of the food
 In my silly aprons when I cook...
It's like looking in a mirror...
 B tries to undress himself at night. I don't know if he's hot or what. But it's pretty funny in the AM!
David's best friend Grant was over for the weekend. Don't they look like a cute lil' family?!
And a video of B being silly!

Since this post was extremely long, I will have to dedicate my next update to my surprise. I know! I am the world's worst at this. But, I do promise that it will be worth your while. At lease I think so...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this week or will celebrate what you are thankful for where ever you may be!