Monday, May 31, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

We are officially "homeless". We closed on our house this past Wednesday and have temporarily moved in with some family members here in Atlanta for the time being until this upcoming Friday. It's not our favorite plan (which would involve actually moving in to our new home NOW), but it works. This is definitely better than living in a hotel for almost two weeks! But my poor, sweet Bruizer is in a cage all day everyday being boarded and the dogs are with David's mom. At least they are all being taken care of! We are so ready for life to settle back down ~ for the time being anyway!

One Year, Really??
This past weekend we celebrated our ONE YEAR Anniversary! Can you believe it? Time has just flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday that we said our "I dos" and flew off to Maui. Ah, Maui, how I miss thee.........
Photo on the 'Road to Hana'
Now we are 8 months pregnant, expecting twins none the less, living in someone else's home, waiting on ours to be move-in ready and already needing another vacation in Maui. But needless to say our one year anniversary rocked! We had an amazing maternity photo shoot and had so much fun! (David loves the camera!) I cannot wait to get the photos online and choose which ones we want to have as our "framers"! But the best part is that we actually get to keep all of the photos taken. Also, the photographer loved us so much he wants to do another photo shoot with us, free of charge! How sweet of a deal is that?! I talked to him a few weeks ago about doing an outdoor shoot in a field somewhere because I love the natural look you can get with the right sunlight/exposure. It can almost have a vintage look to the photos... well he wants to try that! So once this weather clears up, we're heading outdoors. I think this will be even better than the studio photos... When I have the photos I'll post a couple up!!
After our photo shoot David took me out for a fabulous dinner at Pricci! This is where we had our "first" date and David proposed! So it was very fitting that we end up back at Pricci. Here are some pics...

A dessert that they brought us to help celebrate our night

Preggers Update
As for me and the babes, we're doing great! I am now 33 weeks and still kicking and am so lucky to be up and about so late in the game with twins. But, I am definitely at my breaking point. My feet and hands started to swell right as my 3rd trimester hit and I cannot wear my wedding rings anymore. My shoes are a bit tight as well, so I'm just wearing flops at all times when possible. My back and hips are really starting to hurt more and more as well. Other than these few aches and pains, I'm feeling great ~ if you can really say that... I'm just thankful to not be on bedrest and/or in the hospital. So I'll take these pains with pride, for now!
We have a doctor's appointment on Thursday so we may get some more insight on how I'm progressing. We do not have another ultrasound until next Monday so we never really know exactly how I'm doing until those appointments roll around.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and long Memorial Day weekend!