Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two More Months...

Two more months until, well, several things. Summer will finally be here. Our annual Preston/Smith/Newton family vacation. Fourth of July with everyone! Family beach photos again at Isle of Palm. And, oh yeah, B+H turn TWO! My little monkeys will be two years old this July. It's so sad to think about how time is going by so quickly. Yet, exciting to think about everything that we will do together as a family + all of the new things out there for them to explore!
I am already working on their birthday party invitations + jotting down notes for the beach birthday party that we will have this summer. It's very exciting {for me anyway}. It's a lot of work, but I don't mind. I'd do anything for these two!


~ I am the silliest little monkey around! I am sure to drive my teachers crazy next year! Class clown for sure
~ I just adore Elmo. I cannot get enough of him. I carry him everywhere I go - in the car, in the tub, out to eat, in my crib at night... I even feed him my supper. I love Elmo.
~ But, as much as I love Elmo, I do not like it when Elmo is bigger than my daddy.

~ Roar! I love to pretend as if I'm a dinosaur!
~ I cannot get enough of Dinosaur Train. That show is awesome!
~ I am learning to jump. I like to practice in my bed at night...
~ I love to jump into your lap + give a huge hug!
~ I am such a big helper around the house. I will pick up our toys + put them exactly where they're supposed to go. I pick up things off the floor + put them in the trash. I even pick up after Hunter when mommy tells him to do it.

{watching the creepy Elmo dance}

~ I just love, love, love my trucks! I am highly possessive + do not like for you touch them. Like Elmo is for Baylor ~ they go everywhere with me. {sigh ~ these two drive me nuts with their obsessions for their toys!}
~ I am talking up a storm. I can even say "hola" + I wave hi! I will name everything around me + see if you notice when I say the wrong word. It's a fun game I like to play with mommy! {Hunter will point to a dinosaur, milk + a book, say them. Then he'll say 'dino-roar', I say yes. Points to milk, 'dino-roar?' with a huge grin waiting to see if I catch him. It's like he's being sneaky...}
~ Don't even think for one second that I will eat that. Does it have cheese on it? Where are the beans? If it's not nachos or mac~n~cheese, think again lady!
~ I do love dips + chips + bread. Guac, cheese dip, salsa, ketchup... I'll eat it! And I'll even say "bread" or "chip" or "cookie" if I really need to get my point across.
~ Oh, and I guess I like pasta... Maybe I'm not too picky after all. But, I won't even try icecream! I'll learn to regret this decision later on I'm sure.

~ Dinosaurs rock my world! I cannot wait for my 2nd birthday! Dinosaurs will be everywhere!
~ Dancing + spinning are so much fun! I get soooo dizzy when I spin.
~ Apparently I am a great climber! Mommy + daddy found me in Baylor's bed one morning. Oh boy.

{David with H+B @ Wyatt's birthday party while keeping a safe distance from Elmo}

These two are growing up so quickly. Baylor is still working on his ABC's + Hunter is saying more + more everyday! We have dance parties every afternoon + pretend we're dinosaurs every night. I can't imagine not doing this every day with my two little monsters.
David just finished his second semester of grad school! We're so happy that we'll have him for three whole months! Woohoo! Still working hard at the J-O-B. Not much has changed with us.
I am still working on Etsy. Had a little surgery last month + now finally able to get up + moving again. I missed being in the kitchen. I even missed cleaning ~ I'm a little OCD about where things are put away! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring so far + enjoying the beautiful weather! Please keep your eyes peeled for my other blog, Mon Petit Nid. I have posted several recipes + have a very special post coming up later in the week! If you're checking it out, become a follower so you can receive updates every time I post a DIY or recipe! Become a follower of this blog too! I am always interested to see who's blog stalking! ;)