Monday, September 10, 2012

Their First Day

Baylor and Hunter were off to school last week... Can they really be old enough for me to say that?! They started preschool in the 2 year old class and I think they're having fun. The first day there were some tears. More from me, than them. Picking them up later that day, they didn't seem too phased by my absence. This made me kinda sad, to be honest with you!
Oh, but the second day... that was a doozie! They were both screaming and crying. Almost clawing their way back out of the room. Once in the room, Hunter's frustrations were soon eased when he found a truck ready for the taking. Baylor ~ not so much. He needing a little coaxing from his teacher (as I watched ever so carefully through the window. Out of sight). Let's just say that day they were happy to see me! Both running up to me shouting "MAMA!". It (selfishly) made my day :)

Here is a photo from our mini photo shoot that first morning  
Baylor on left; Hunter on right

I am sure this will get better and I will begin to look forward to my "alone" time. I have registered for another photography class and I am so excited to get started this week! I believe I am getting better behind the camera and really want to explore the possibility of starting a business with my passion. The classes will be at Showcase down in Buckhead where I had my first string of classes a few years ago when I was extremely pregnant. Unfortunately, I can no longer walk to the class building since we've moved. But, it'll be nice to get back down to our old 'hood every week and bring home Thai food from our favorite local hole in the wall!  I'll try and keep you updated on the classes and how things are going.
Over on MPN I've been sharing fun recipes from the boys 2nd birthday bash! I need to share my photos with you all from that big day. The weather was perfect and the ice cream/popsicles were a hit! Hope on over to see the recipes and check out my tutorials from the party. I'm wrapping the party posts up this week and cannot wait to share my broccoli soup recipe and my DIY photo props with you!

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It has been a while since my last post and so much has gone on since May... Where to start!? We have celebrated several birthdays, had a vacation, Baylor and Hunter have grown so much in the past few months... the list is endless! I will start with an update on my two little buggers and go from there!


~ I am now TWO! I am such a big boy!
~ I am so smart! No, really. I am. I can show you any ABC you want, I am even learning my numbers.
~ Colors are becoming a no brainer too.
~ I love to play with my brother. We like to run through the house pushing our dump trucks. They're so loud!
~ I have now become attached to my lovey. I always have to have something in my hands and now it's this...
~ I am trying to talk and say more words, but they're not coming out like I want. It gets frustrating.
~ I am opening the fridge... it's so much fun to climb inside!
~ Please, do not try and feed me anything that doesn't look familiar. I won't eat it.
~ I still love, love, love dinosaurs! I can play with my interactive dinosaurs all day!
~ I had so much fun at the beach this year! I especially loved playing in the sand!
~ I have a major sweet tooth! I don't have it often {maybe twice, ever} but icecream/frozen yogurt is awesome!!!!
~ I love bubbles... I even say bow-bulls! They're so fun to chase. Even better to watch Hunter chase them all over the place!
~ Granpa and Gammy K came down! We had so much fun with them. They even bought my favorite toy! A truck and tricycle!
~ I like to color and draw
~ I like writing on the ground outside with chalk, too.
~ Dancing is so much fun with mommy and Hunter!
~ I like to go on walks every day with mommy and Hunter. I like to walk and take my time.
~ I love to be tucked in at night. It's very comforting.


~ Yep, I'm TWO!!
~ I still looooove to dance! If it's Dinosaur Train or music on the radio, I'm shaking my butt and moving my arms to the beat! I do have rhythm you know!
~ I love to color! Even on the walls and table...
~ I am talking, talking, talking... I can even put words together for sentences.
Here you go! | I didn't do that. | Uh oh mommy. It broke. | Where did Baylor/baby go? | Mama, where daddy? | Why did you do that? | What's that? | Ow, mama! Boo boo hurts. | {Hunter is talking SO much more these days! Repeating everything back from Walrus to Worm to Grandpa! It's exciting to hear him grow each day with his vocabulary!}
~ I am such a boy! Running at all times, falling, boo boos every day... It's exhausting.
~ I love to go on walks! I have to tell mommy when it's time by taking her hand and pulling her out the driveway. I love to run down the driveway and street! When cars aren't coming of course.
~ I think I may be a fire fighter when I grow up! Woo woo! I love to make that sound and play with them all day!
~ Or maybe a conductor?
~ Or a race car driver?
~ Or a dare devil?
~ I love to surprise you! I jump out of the room/closet and yell "PRISE!". It scares mommy and daddy every time!
~ I love to get tucked in every night now. I may not stay lying down, but it's a nice way to end my day with mommy and daddy!
~ I can sing part of the Dinosaur Train song! You know, the "ride, ride, ride...." part! It's funny!

These two have become such big boys over night! From brushing teeth, to tucking in at night, to running up to you with their arms open ready to jump on you for a hug... I cannot imagine where the time has gone. Their kisses and hugs are bigger. Their laughter is bigger. Even the way they act around others says "I'm a big boy now" {most of the time!}... Sigh.
They start "school" in just a few weeks and I have no idea how I am going to handle that. Will they handle it well? I hope so. They love to play with other kids, so this should be OK. Right?
We also plan on having another beach vacation with them this September. They loved it so much in July, we thought we should do this again. I will post some photos from our beach trip next time! They were so much fun, and so exhausting, at Isle of Palms this year! I am just happy they both loved it as much as they did.
I will also post photos from the big TWO year old dinosaur birthday party they had! It was a good time and from what the parents tell me, their kids had a great time as well! Makes it all worth it.

As for David, he is kicking some serious ass! He has finally left the banking world and moved on to the "family business". He is doing something he's always dreamed of... being his own boss. For as long as I've know him, David has always wanted to do this. He is so smart and so driven. I am a lucky woman to have married such a go~getter!
Me... I've been working hard on all of the "necessary evils" here at the house. From planning birthday parties to planning trips to working on MPN! Oh, and then there's keeping Baylor and Hunter in one piece by the end of the day. It's been a hard balancing act.
I hope you have been over to my MPN blog. I have posted some yummy recipes and how to's. I even created my own Facebook page! So, please go over and "like" it, leave a comment.... I'd love to hear from everyone!

Hope y'all have had a wonderful summer so far! I'll be back with more from our parties and vacations soon!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two More Months...

Two more months until, well, several things. Summer will finally be here. Our annual Preston/Smith/Newton family vacation. Fourth of July with everyone! Family beach photos again at Isle of Palm. And, oh yeah, B+H turn TWO! My little monkeys will be two years old this July. It's so sad to think about how time is going by so quickly. Yet, exciting to think about everything that we will do together as a family + all of the new things out there for them to explore!
I am already working on their birthday party invitations + jotting down notes for the beach birthday party that we will have this summer. It's very exciting {for me anyway}. It's a lot of work, but I don't mind. I'd do anything for these two!


~ I am the silliest little monkey around! I am sure to drive my teachers crazy next year! Class clown for sure
~ I just adore Elmo. I cannot get enough of him. I carry him everywhere I go - in the car, in the tub, out to eat, in my crib at night... I even feed him my supper. I love Elmo.
~ But, as much as I love Elmo, I do not like it when Elmo is bigger than my daddy.

~ Roar! I love to pretend as if I'm a dinosaur!
~ I cannot get enough of Dinosaur Train. That show is awesome!
~ I am learning to jump. I like to practice in my bed at night...
~ I love to jump into your lap + give a huge hug!
~ I am such a big helper around the house. I will pick up our toys + put them exactly where they're supposed to go. I pick up things off the floor + put them in the trash. I even pick up after Hunter when mommy tells him to do it.

{watching the creepy Elmo dance}

~ I just love, love, love my trucks! I am highly possessive + do not like for you touch them. Like Elmo is for Baylor ~ they go everywhere with me. {sigh ~ these two drive me nuts with their obsessions for their toys!}
~ I am talking up a storm. I can even say "hola" + I wave hi! I will name everything around me + see if you notice when I say the wrong word. It's a fun game I like to play with mommy! {Hunter will point to a dinosaur, milk + a book, say them. Then he'll say 'dino-roar', I say yes. Points to milk, 'dino-roar?' with a huge grin waiting to see if I catch him. It's like he's being sneaky...}
~ Don't even think for one second that I will eat that. Does it have cheese on it? Where are the beans? If it's not nachos or mac~n~cheese, think again lady!
~ I do love dips + chips + bread. Guac, cheese dip, salsa, ketchup... I'll eat it! And I'll even say "bread" or "chip" or "cookie" if I really need to get my point across.
~ Oh, and I guess I like pasta... Maybe I'm not too picky after all. But, I won't even try icecream! I'll learn to regret this decision later on I'm sure.

~ Dinosaurs rock my world! I cannot wait for my 2nd birthday! Dinosaurs will be everywhere!
~ Dancing + spinning are so much fun! I get soooo dizzy when I spin.
~ Apparently I am a great climber! Mommy + daddy found me in Baylor's bed one morning. Oh boy.

{David with H+B @ Wyatt's birthday party while keeping a safe distance from Elmo}

These two are growing up so quickly. Baylor is still working on his ABC's + Hunter is saying more + more everyday! We have dance parties every afternoon + pretend we're dinosaurs every night. I can't imagine not doing this every day with my two little monsters.
David just finished his second semester of grad school! We're so happy that we'll have him for three whole months! Woohoo! Still working hard at the J-O-B. Not much has changed with us.
I am still working on Etsy. Had a little surgery last month + now finally able to get up + moving again. I missed being in the kitchen. I even missed cleaning ~ I'm a little OCD about where things are put away! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring so far + enjoying the beautiful weather! Please keep your eyes peeled for my other blog, Mon Petit Nid. I have posted several recipes + have a very special post coming up later in the week! If you're checking it out, become a follower so you can receive updates every time I post a DIY or recipe! Become a follower of this blog too! I am always interested to see who's blog stalking! ;)


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Showing Some Love

Lately I have been working hard on my Etsy line of products. I have completed my friend's party package, Thank You card set + my company banner. I have taken some photos + need to finish the look of my Etsy page. Whew... All of this + I am still at a loss for what's next! I am in a rut. On a plateau. A freezing point. A very timid, "what's next", afraid of failure kind of freezing point if ya know what I mean.
With that said, I have entered a contest + would love your support!

The owners of Seed Mommy are having a Mommy Business Makeover! The list includes things from free advertising and promoting on their site, PR work, free tutorials, website/logo makeovers, etc.
And this is where you come in! If you have a minute to spare, head on over to Seed Mommy, find my business {link here} and leave a comment. That's it! Every comment is counted + helps the nominee's chances of winning. 

The website, Seed Mommy, is a web based company for all mommy~business owners to come together, support one another + find out who's out there selling what! I love the concept + think it's a wonderful way to help build + support a handmade community for moms. 

Thank you in advance for your support! I need some help finding my way around the world of "Entrepreneur Mommy" + onto the featured pages of Etsy!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Terrible Twos

Oh. My. Gosh.

No one could have prepared me for for the terror that I was going to endure this year. Really? The "terrible two's" could not possibly be here yet! They're only 20 months old {today} + were sweet little angels last month. What happened?! Where did they go? I miss them...

Yes, it is just that bad. No, it's not that bad. Wait, yes it is. This is what I would sound like if you could hear what's going inside of my head every day. Two little boys screaming, throwing fits before you walk into a store, flailing because they aren't ready to leave the park {which you hate now because they can never stay together or inside the playground for that matter}, + they're slapping + kicking. Awesome.
But, the milestones + the sweet kisses + out of the blue hugs do tend to make up for those out of control moments.


~ I am a genius! I know my ABC's. I can point to every letter you ask me to. I'm even learning my numbers. {Baylor has pretty much taught himself the alphabet. Granted, I work on ABC's every day with them. But, he sits in front of his Leap Frog laptop for hours every day, since Christmas. A couple of weeks ago I asked him to find the A, S, R, Q... he knew every single one! B is going to take after his daddy}
~ But, I'm not saying them. Nope. Still not talking as much these days. A word will pop out by accident every now + again
~ I give my mommy tons of hugs. If I see her standing in another room I will run up + hold her legs for a long time {melts my heart}
~ I am still playing with my matching books + puzzles. I just got a couple of new matching books of Winnie the Pooh + one for Elmo's potty training!
~ I love to roar like a dinosaur!
~ Spin! Spin! Spin! It's so much fun
~ I'm a dancing machine these days! I hear a beat in the store + I'm bobbing my head
~ If I have not seen that meal in at least the past two weeks, do not even bother putting in front of me because I will not eat it.
~ I love pizza!
~ I love pb+j's!
~ I love dipping sauce! Well, I really just eat the sauce by itself on my fingers... Who needs chicken?
~ I love slides!

~ I still like to push Hunter around on the car or cart! We also have a new game of dragging the other around the house. I hold one end of something + Hunter will hold the other. It's so much fun!
~ Elmo. That's all I need to say

~ I am a real talker these days. I can say bubble, Elmo, dinosaur, wall, water, + so many more!
~ I am putting more + more words together. I now tell the dog to go or no! "What's that?!" is getting better too!
~ I am definitely on my way to becoming the world's best dancer
~ Slides really aren't my thing at the park. It's the running in circles, checking out every nook + just going berserk! Drives mommy crazy!
~  I refuse to eat meat. Chick-fil-A doesn't even do it for me anymore. Makes meal time a little tough
~ I am still working on this whole teething thing. I have 12 so far!
~ I love to play peek-a-boo
~ Dinosaurs are so awesome! I can roar so loud!
~ TRUCKS!!!!
~ When I get excited, which is pretty often, I gasp really loudly + then shout out "CAR!". {"Car" can mean anything from an actual car to a large semi. }
~ I love Elmo! Or Mo-Mo
~ I love George!
~ If I hear an airplane, I can't wait to look outside + see if I can find it! They're so cool
~ I love, love, love to ride my car around the house like a maniac! I look like the drivers in Atlanta that mommy complains about so much
~ Still not into the matching books or puzzles. I just talk, alot, + like to color. {Hunter may take after me}
~ I am going to turn into a cracker. I'm addicted! Thank goodness mommy buys the healthy/organic kind or I'd be in trouble!
~ I'm a little Houdini. Now you see me. Now you don't! I'm outta your sight in a flash!
~ I love to run around + chase bubbles!
~ And I still love to snuggle

As for me + David, we're just making it through each day... Time seems to fly by but, some things seem to stand still {like David's class time!}. David is still working his way through grad school + working hard every day in the office. I am diligently working on Etsy as much as I possibly can, but just cannot seem to get as much accomplished as I'd like. Hunter hardly sleeps anymore these days with his teething + so my "free time"/their nap time seems to go by so quickly! I eat in less than 5 minutes then I'm cleaning + trying to get Etsy things done... Whew. I need just a few more hours in the day!
Also, there are so many new projects running through my head. I can't turn it off! One thing I am dying to have is this Polaroid camera. Ugh, it's a dream, isn't it?! {I'm sure there are others that are a bit cheaper...} And all of the different films that you could use... I must have it. The photos above, the headshots + Hunter sleeping, I used a Ps action that gives the photo an "Instagram" finish. To me, Instagram is all about that vintage Polaroid look. I think that's why I love Instagram so much.

Please do check out my Mon Petit Nid blog! I have posted several recipes + a few how-to's over there. And become a follower! I'd love to know who's checking us out + what you're thinking! I am working on a party package for a friend's little girl's birthday + should have that up sometime soon. I have a Thank You card set printed + ready to be photographed. Pretty soon I am going to work on the boys' birthday party items. They're actually having two parties... We will be at the beach during their birthday so I want to take full advantage of the beach setting! And then for friends + family we're having a dinosaur themed party. It will be a lot of work, but all worth it I'm sure!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can I Please Get Off This Roller Coaster?!

Things have been pretty irregular around here. Last Sunday, Super Bowl night, Baylor kicked off the week with the stomach flu + strep. Then that hunk of mess came my way, then to David + my poor, poor Hunter. Let's see, what else? B+H turned 19 months, Hunter is talking up a storm these days, + Baylor is smarter than words can describe. David has been moving along through grad school, I made cupcakes today for the first time since the boys first birthday, + Mon Petit Nid is moving along slowly but surely.

Anyone Got A Hazmat Suit We Can Borrow?
As I said earlier, Baylor became sick the night of the Super Bowl + it was down hill from there. He had thrown up during the night + I immediately took him to the doctor. They said that they had already seen 3 more cases just the same + that it should be out of sight in 24-48 hours. Well, by Wednesday, he had become worse than Monday! So, we trecked back to the doctor. He has strep too?! And after getting home from the pediatrician's office, Hunter begins to vomit everywhere! My world just begins to spin. Hunter is not only dealing with the stomach flu, he also gets strep and he's teething both top molars! We thought they were over the hump around Friday, + then lightning struck. Hunter is crying because he's sick + then I look over into Baylor's bed... He has thrown up what looks like everything from the past two days + is hanging lifelessly over the crib. I died. After getting him cleaned up, the bed remade + back to sleep I called the hospital. We thought we were going to have to take him in to have an IV for fluids. But, after getting him back up + seeing how alert + happy he was, we were singing a different tune. I then talked to his pediatrician + she said to just wait until that morning after she sees him. THEN Hunter starts to get sick again! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Really???! What is going on?!
Needless to say I didn't change one single regular diaper for over a week!!! And, they're still sick. Baylor is over the stomach flu (knock on wood) but still has strep. But, something happened after the third doctors visit. No more vomiting. We're on the right track.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I somehow find some time today to make dark chocolate cupcakes (America's Test Kitchen) with cream cheese frosting. With the boys so sick lately, there's no break. But, they turned out to be super delicious!

 The boys gave their dad some candy + honey roasted salted almonds to go with a 6-pack of his favorite beer (SweetWater 420).

One More Month Closer...
to 2. To 5. To 16.... To 21!!!!! I'm talking about Baylor + Hunter. They're 19 months already. Why? How? It's just not fair how time is flying by so quickly.


~ I have become really free, open + independent lately. I don't cry or run from people like I used to. Not such a great thing when it comes to strangers. But, when mommy is near, I'm not worried.
~ I loooooove slides! The higher the better! I go down all by myself + just can't get enough. The park is AWESOME! (except for when I get sick)
~ Matching is definitely my thing. I can match pictures of dinosaurs, pictures, + shapes. (It's true. Anything on the page or if I draw shapes on the Magnadoodle for him to match up, he can! He's so smart!)
~ Dinosaurs!!!!
~ I become attached to things. I carry around my dinosaur Buddy all of the time. He goes everywhere with me.
~ I can finish a block/shape puzzle with the snap of my finger. They're no match for this blue eyed boy!
~ I make the funniest faces
~ My laugh is contagious, unforgettable + to die for
~ Belly Buttons!!!!!  I love them! I have to look at mine, then yours, then Hunter's, then daddy's, then mine again.... It's become an obsession. So much that mommy got me a book about belly buttons for Valentine's Day
~ I like to stack blocks high + then knock them down really fast! If I can beat Hunter to it that is.
~ Yep. Still like to run around like a crazy, little kid!


~ "Uh Oh!" is now my new favorite saying
~ I am starting to repeat things you're saying. So watch out potty mouths!
~ Dinosaur Train's song says "We're Gonna Ride, Ride, Ride... the Dinosaur Train". I am in the works of making this my very first song! I have the 'ride, ride, ride' part down!
~ I can say so many different words now! In another month or two, I'll be able to put complete sentences together. Dinosaur, sit still (I hear that alot), What's That? (been saying that for a while, mom just figured out what I was saying!).... they just keep coming!
~ I still love to dance my little butt off.
~ I am finally cutting my first two top molars. That makes 12 teeth so far
~ I just can't get enough of my little riding car! I can get around on that thing like it's nobody's business! Turn this corner, stop on a dime... I'm unstoppable!
~ I like to stack blocks with Baylor + beat him to to the punch by knocking them down first!
~ I sit at our big boy table + read books or play on the Leap Frog computer
~ Still chasing Baylor + running around the house like a silly monkey!
~ I am now walking down the stairs all by myself! With the help of daddy's hand of course.

This Little Nest
This little mama is tired! After everything last week, just trying to find the mental/physical capacity to get dressed is daunting. I am trying to get things together + ready to finally upstart my Etsy shop. Ordering my printer tomorrow + taking pictures this week since the weather will be nicer for where I'm planning on shooting my merch!
I'd love for you all to follow my Mon Petit Nid blog. That is where I will post more of my incredible finds such as recipes, how~to's + I'm going to start a list of favorites ranging from cookbooks to children's toys. Not sure if I should do a favorites list every week (Friday Favorites) or monthly. Hmmmm? We'll see where it takes me. I will also post on my MPN blog about any new updates to my Esty shop.

Sending lots of love to everyone today!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mon Petit Nid

Well, she's up and running! My other blog that is. I have finally made the leap and published my very first Mon Petit Nid post! Woo hoo! There's no turning back now... (not that I would anyway). Come check it out! Not much right now, just a little background info. But, I do have some things to post this week for Valentine's day. Let me know you stopped by and "follow" if you'd like! I'd love to know who's checking it out and where you're from.

Thanks again for everyone's support and love! It really means alot to me


Monday, January 16, 2012

Is It Too Late To Catch Up?

I am not sure what is going on. It is now 2012, Thanksgiving + Christmas have come and gone in a flash, I'm slacking on my blogging duties + just don't know where to start!
I guess we'll start from the beginning... two months ago!

What are you thankful for?
Me? I am thankful for many things. My lucky stars that gave me such an amazing + supportive husband. My two insanely beautiful + healthy children. An incredible family from my mom to my sister-in-law. And I am thankful for those sweet + dear, close friendships that I carry in my heart!

For the big T-day we headed north up to Asheville, NC to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with David's family {dad's fam + sister's fam}. We had a fantastic time! Lot's of wonderful food, wine/beer, laughter + music... But not just any music ~ David's step-bro Nick brought his handy-dandy guitar and played some tunes for us. The kids loooved it!

And speaking of kids ~ the boys finally met their Preston/Anderson cousins + uncles! The only kin they had met by then were grandpa, Gammy K and Aunt Patty. This trip was the perfect introduction! They really enjoyed playing with Kate + Davis, sharing toys and taking a hike. By the end of the trip Davis was calling B+H his brothers and holding their hands. So cute...
Here are some photos from our fabulous trip!

Hunter waiting on the fam for our first hike of the weekend
... while listening to Uncle Nick play like the rock star he is!
 Nick serenaded us all weekend long... including our walk!
Here are the boys jammin' out to Nick's smooth tunes

Our hike down the long driveway
David, Hunter + Grandpa Gary

 Gammy K with Baylor
"Knight of the Weasel" {aka Davis}
 ... chasing Uncle "crazy" David
The log cabin B+B turned VRBO that we stayed in
It was a huge cabin! Perfect for all of us plus two more families... I couldn't get a great photo with it being on top of mountain and all, but this should help you get an idea.

While the turkey was cooking we all hung out outside where the air was crisp and the sun was shining!
 Baylor, Kate + Davis decided to help Nick out and give him a music lesson

 We tried to get a group photo of the kids in matching pj's and this is where we ended up...
At the tail end of our vacation we took a nice hike up the mountain just behind the cabin. This is a very teeny tiny section of the Appalachian Trail. Definitely not a recommended hike for the kids, but it was worth it.

Whew! That was quite the trip. Asheville, NC is a pretty cool town if you're ever in the area. Tons and tons of walking downtown with cute shops, local artists, live music on every corner... Highly recommend!

Now.... have we talked about the "black eye of 2011" yet?!

My poor baby! I could not believe how bad Hunter's eye had gotten. The black eye above happened in the course of 12-24 hours. He fell and bumped his eyebrow bone on the side {not edge} of the coffee table. He wasn't on the couch. He wasn't standing on top of anything, except the floor! Sometimes I will catch myself saying "Oh! That's gonna be a goose egg." never really thinking that it's gonna actually be a goose egg...  Well, this was no joke.

Within a matter of seconds his eye began to swell up like a balloon and by morning his eye was purple + black, almost swollen shut. The doctor said that it would only get worse before it could get better, but there was nothing to be worried about. Thank goodness. I was so worried that his eye/socket could have been damaged. A month later he still has a little, hard knot where he hit. But no harm done. He's a lucky little bugger.

Then with that same black eye he had his first hair cut! He looks like a different little big boy now!

And he fought with every little bit he had too... Daddy? Nope. Cracker? Ha! Phone? Who do you think you're fooling?!

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To Hear ~ Elf

We turn yet another corner and we're singing Christmas songs, decorating our tree and traveling back to Bartow for some family time! Here are some photos from our merry moments.

Mr. Independent #1+2 decided to wander through the tree farm all on their own {with mom + dad lurking in the shadows of course} trying to help us find the perfect Christmas tree

And the end result {top half anyway}

The day before Christmas Eve was spent out my Aunt Lea + Uncle Doug's farm where everyone can stretch out, have a good laugh, enjoy one another's company and just be yourself. It's always such a perfect way to start the holiday.

Hunter saying hello
 Baylor gives the dog a little kiss

 cousin McKenzie
The many faces of Baylor
"Daaaaaaahhhg" ~ "Do you see this mom! Two BIG dogs!"
 "EEEEEeeeee! DAAAAAAAAAHHHG!" ~ "Did you see that kiss he just gave me?!"
 The "what are they doing over there" look
 "Da?" ie, I'm asking you what this is
Baylor smells everything these days... and this is the cute result we get from it
 and again...

Baylor has been using the "word" "da" to talk about everything lately. But each "da" has it's own unique tone. Thankfully I know what he's saying!

Sammi with Baylor
 Zach, John Paul + McKenzie
Sydney + Sammi were so wonderful with B+H that day. It was really wonderful to see the boys playing with their cousins

The next day {Christmas Eve} Lea + Uncle Doug stopped by on their way to a field trail in Thomasville, GA. They had several horses and a couple of dogs to show B+H!

 Hunter is telling me bye bye

Christmas Eve was spent with my dad's family in Millen. No photos to share, but it was a wonderful time well spent with everyone. It's always nice to see my grandparents when I can. Making that trip back home isn't what it used to be with two little ones in tow. I am just happy that Grandma Georgia and Papaw were able to see the boys again. Hopefully we can make it back down again soon.

Christmas morning was chaotic! Oh my goodness. This year {2012} will be spent in our home where the chaos can be contained and at a minimum!!

B+H really didn't understand why they had so many toys in packages that day. Tons of Dinosaur Train, books, computers, clothes, more toys and more toys... They're set until they turn 4! I'm looking forward to next Christmas when the boys will have a better understanding of what is going on around them. Christmas morning will be a blast then!

Here's an individual update on the monkeys:

~ I am usually saying "da" these days. Book, ball, cracker... these all take up too much time! Da is perfectly fine for a little man on the go like me!
~ I do talk though. Only when I feel like it really. Turtle has come out a few times. I know I've said 'juice' and 'yes' a time or two... but I'm pretty fond of da for now 
~ I have had a second hair cut already. My hair grows fast like my mommy's
~ I am still obsessed with dogs + ducks
~ Exploring the great outdoors {or indoors} is so much fun. I like to wander around and see what's under every leaf and rock or what's in every closet. I don't like to stick by. I'm too busy exploring!
~ I have every single tooth {except for my 2yr molars}. I could eat meat right off the bone if I wanted to. But I don't want to... Meat is not my favorite meal of the day
~ FRUIT is my favorite. Any kind of fruit. I have to wait until I am almost finished with the rest of my meal before mommy will actually give me any! It's just cruel
~ I can sound out all kinds of animals! Elephant, duck, cat, sheep, lion... If you need help, just ask!
~ Recently had my 18 month check up and I am growing up to be a big boy! 23.5 pounds and 33 1/4 inches tall
~ You can just start calling me "Daredevil". I jump, run, climb and fall off of things all of the time. No couch is too big for me!
~ I love to roll around in the dog bed. Enough said
~ Chasing and petting Bruizer + Lucky is so much fun!
~ I can now walk down steps without holding on to anything. Not even a rail. Makes mommy have a heart attach every time
~ I still love to dance. Hunter and I have two very different methods. I like to rock + tap my foot while making my legs jump


~ I am getting to be a very big boy! I am now taller than Baylor at 34inches and 26pounds!
~ I just got my first two molars... it's about time.
~ I love to pet the animals. I try to contain myself and walk slowly up to Bruizer, but I just can't help it! I love animals.
~ Run. Run. Run. It's how I get through the day
~ I haven't met a beat that I didn't like. These days I am rocking out to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" {to the dismay of mommy}, Raffi, Radiohead, + The Beatles. I like to rock my torso side to side while swinging my left arm in a crazy fast motion
~ I love to play peek-a-boo and to be chased!
~ Bye bye, no + car are the 3 main words of my vocabulary. If I don't want to go somewhere, I will let you know "no car!"
~ I am getting better and better with my vocabulary though! I can say wall, juice, turtle... but they're not that important, yet
~ I cannot wait to explore the world around me! When I hear mommy say "OK, it's time to go", I am at the door waiting
~ Don't be fooled, I am not shy. I just like to pretend so you get the idea of just how cute I really am...
~ I will definitely let you know when you have upset me. Taking your phone/keys away from? I don't think so. What? I can't have Baylor's car?! You'll hear from me. I voice my opinion
~ I looove blueberries! Can't get enough! Any fruit really. But berries are my favorite. Then there's PB+Js. Mmmmmmm......

I hope to catch up y'all up on my progression with Etsy next time around! It's not so easy getting this set up with two little ones to watch at all times. But, I am working on it and will have something in the very near future to share!