Monday, January 16, 2012

Is It Too Late To Catch Up?

I am not sure what is going on. It is now 2012, Thanksgiving + Christmas have come and gone in a flash, I'm slacking on my blogging duties + just don't know where to start!
I guess we'll start from the beginning... two months ago!

What are you thankful for?
Me? I am thankful for many things. My lucky stars that gave me such an amazing + supportive husband. My two insanely beautiful + healthy children. An incredible family from my mom to my sister-in-law. And I am thankful for those sweet + dear, close friendships that I carry in my heart!

For the big T-day we headed north up to Asheville, NC to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with David's family {dad's fam + sister's fam}. We had a fantastic time! Lot's of wonderful food, wine/beer, laughter + music... But not just any music ~ David's step-bro Nick brought his handy-dandy guitar and played some tunes for us. The kids loooved it!

And speaking of kids ~ the boys finally met their Preston/Anderson cousins + uncles! The only kin they had met by then were grandpa, Gammy K and Aunt Patty. This trip was the perfect introduction! They really enjoyed playing with Kate + Davis, sharing toys and taking a hike. By the end of the trip Davis was calling B+H his brothers and holding their hands. So cute...
Here are some photos from our fabulous trip!

Hunter waiting on the fam for our first hike of the weekend
... while listening to Uncle Nick play like the rock star he is!
 Nick serenaded us all weekend long... including our walk!
Here are the boys jammin' out to Nick's smooth tunes

Our hike down the long driveway
David, Hunter + Grandpa Gary

 Gammy K with Baylor
"Knight of the Weasel" {aka Davis}
 ... chasing Uncle "crazy" David
The log cabin B+B turned VRBO that we stayed in
It was a huge cabin! Perfect for all of us plus two more families... I couldn't get a great photo with it being on top of mountain and all, but this should help you get an idea.

While the turkey was cooking we all hung out outside where the air was crisp and the sun was shining!
 Baylor, Kate + Davis decided to help Nick out and give him a music lesson

 We tried to get a group photo of the kids in matching pj's and this is where we ended up...
At the tail end of our vacation we took a nice hike up the mountain just behind the cabin. This is a very teeny tiny section of the Appalachian Trail. Definitely not a recommended hike for the kids, but it was worth it.

Whew! That was quite the trip. Asheville, NC is a pretty cool town if you're ever in the area. Tons and tons of walking downtown with cute shops, local artists, live music on every corner... Highly recommend!

Now.... have we talked about the "black eye of 2011" yet?!

My poor baby! I could not believe how bad Hunter's eye had gotten. The black eye above happened in the course of 12-24 hours. He fell and bumped his eyebrow bone on the side {not edge} of the coffee table. He wasn't on the couch. He wasn't standing on top of anything, except the floor! Sometimes I will catch myself saying "Oh! That's gonna be a goose egg." never really thinking that it's gonna actually be a goose egg...  Well, this was no joke.

Within a matter of seconds his eye began to swell up like a balloon and by morning his eye was purple + black, almost swollen shut. The doctor said that it would only get worse before it could get better, but there was nothing to be worried about. Thank goodness. I was so worried that his eye/socket could have been damaged. A month later he still has a little, hard knot where he hit. But no harm done. He's a lucky little bugger.

Then with that same black eye he had his first hair cut! He looks like a different little big boy now!

And he fought with every little bit he had too... Daddy? Nope. Cracker? Ha! Phone? Who do you think you're fooling?!

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To Hear ~ Elf

We turn yet another corner and we're singing Christmas songs, decorating our tree and traveling back to Bartow for some family time! Here are some photos from our merry moments.

Mr. Independent #1+2 decided to wander through the tree farm all on their own {with mom + dad lurking in the shadows of course} trying to help us find the perfect Christmas tree

And the end result {top half anyway}

The day before Christmas Eve was spent out my Aunt Lea + Uncle Doug's farm where everyone can stretch out, have a good laugh, enjoy one another's company and just be yourself. It's always such a perfect way to start the holiday.

Hunter saying hello
 Baylor gives the dog a little kiss

 cousin McKenzie
The many faces of Baylor
"Daaaaaaahhhg" ~ "Do you see this mom! Two BIG dogs!"
 "EEEEEeeeee! DAAAAAAAAAHHHG!" ~ "Did you see that kiss he just gave me?!"
 The "what are they doing over there" look
 "Da?" ie, I'm asking you what this is
Baylor smells everything these days... and this is the cute result we get from it
 and again...

Baylor has been using the "word" "da" to talk about everything lately. But each "da" has it's own unique tone. Thankfully I know what he's saying!

Sammi with Baylor
 Zach, John Paul + McKenzie
Sydney + Sammi were so wonderful with B+H that day. It was really wonderful to see the boys playing with their cousins

The next day {Christmas Eve} Lea + Uncle Doug stopped by on their way to a field trail in Thomasville, GA. They had several horses and a couple of dogs to show B+H!

 Hunter is telling me bye bye

Christmas Eve was spent with my dad's family in Millen. No photos to share, but it was a wonderful time well spent with everyone. It's always nice to see my grandparents when I can. Making that trip back home isn't what it used to be with two little ones in tow. I am just happy that Grandma Georgia and Papaw were able to see the boys again. Hopefully we can make it back down again soon.

Christmas morning was chaotic! Oh my goodness. This year {2012} will be spent in our home where the chaos can be contained and at a minimum!!

B+H really didn't understand why they had so many toys in packages that day. Tons of Dinosaur Train, books, computers, clothes, more toys and more toys... They're set until they turn 4! I'm looking forward to next Christmas when the boys will have a better understanding of what is going on around them. Christmas morning will be a blast then!

Here's an individual update on the monkeys:

~ I am usually saying "da" these days. Book, ball, cracker... these all take up too much time! Da is perfectly fine for a little man on the go like me!
~ I do talk though. Only when I feel like it really. Turtle has come out a few times. I know I've said 'juice' and 'yes' a time or two... but I'm pretty fond of da for now 
~ I have had a second hair cut already. My hair grows fast like my mommy's
~ I am still obsessed with dogs + ducks
~ Exploring the great outdoors {or indoors} is so much fun. I like to wander around and see what's under every leaf and rock or what's in every closet. I don't like to stick by. I'm too busy exploring!
~ I have every single tooth {except for my 2yr molars}. I could eat meat right off the bone if I wanted to. But I don't want to... Meat is not my favorite meal of the day
~ FRUIT is my favorite. Any kind of fruit. I have to wait until I am almost finished with the rest of my meal before mommy will actually give me any! It's just cruel
~ I can sound out all kinds of animals! Elephant, duck, cat, sheep, lion... If you need help, just ask!
~ Recently had my 18 month check up and I am growing up to be a big boy! 23.5 pounds and 33 1/4 inches tall
~ You can just start calling me "Daredevil". I jump, run, climb and fall off of things all of the time. No couch is too big for me!
~ I love to roll around in the dog bed. Enough said
~ Chasing and petting Bruizer + Lucky is so much fun!
~ I can now walk down steps without holding on to anything. Not even a rail. Makes mommy have a heart attach every time
~ I still love to dance. Hunter and I have two very different methods. I like to rock + tap my foot while making my legs jump


~ I am getting to be a very big boy! I am now taller than Baylor at 34inches and 26pounds!
~ I just got my first two molars... it's about time.
~ I love to pet the animals. I try to contain myself and walk slowly up to Bruizer, but I just can't help it! I love animals.
~ Run. Run. Run. It's how I get through the day
~ I haven't met a beat that I didn't like. These days I am rocking out to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" {to the dismay of mommy}, Raffi, Radiohead, + The Beatles. I like to rock my torso side to side while swinging my left arm in a crazy fast motion
~ I love to play peek-a-boo and to be chased!
~ Bye bye, no + car are the 3 main words of my vocabulary. If I don't want to go somewhere, I will let you know "no car!"
~ I am getting better and better with my vocabulary though! I can say wall, juice, turtle... but they're not that important, yet
~ I cannot wait to explore the world around me! When I hear mommy say "OK, it's time to go", I am at the door waiting
~ Don't be fooled, I am not shy. I just like to pretend so you get the idea of just how cute I really am...
~ I will definitely let you know when you have upset me. Taking your phone/keys away from? I don't think so. What? I can't have Baylor's car?! You'll hear from me. I voice my opinion
~ I looove blueberries! Can't get enough! Any fruit really. But berries are my favorite. Then there's PB+Js. Mmmmmmm......

I hope to catch up y'all up on my progression with Etsy next time around! It's not so easy getting this set up with two little ones to watch at all times. But, I am working on it and will have something in the very near future to share!


  1. LOVE THEIR HAIRCUTS!! They look so much older! Adorable :)

  2. Thanks for sharing . . . super cute pics!