Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family, Friends and Foes

So, I've had it with hospitals, needles, scalpels, blood and anything else that has to do with surgery! I went in Wednesday to have my deviated septum "repaired". Although "repaired" may not be the correct word here. My doctor (who was also David's a few years ago) told David that I didn't have a septum at all... lovely! I'm doing alright today. Really just feeling like I have the flu while being punched in the nose. Hopefully I will feel the full benefit of this soon enough.

But one thing that I can always turn to for a good laugh is my family. I have recently found that Baylor is soooo ticklish! I love it! Hunter not so much (just like his father). So I am tickling Baylor all the time! It's just so funny to watch and just warms my heart.

How sweet is my lil' punkin?! And speaking of pumpkin... I am so excited about next weekend! I cannot wait to dress up Hunter and Baylor for Halloween! I think we are going to a little festival here in the neighborhood so we can meet some neighbors and get out of the house with the boys (and so everyone else can see how stinking cute they are in their costumes!). Can't wait!

We also had some special visitors come by this week! Uncle D-Frank, his brother Jason and their mom Candy! We were so happy to have Candy come by and finally meet the boys... The boys are so great when we have company ~ thank goodness! We love having family and friends visit us!!! :)

Jason, Candy, and David Frank