Friday, June 24, 2011

Prophesy, or Just Another Fantasy?

So, I have been having this dream, or fantasy if you will, lately. It makes me a little sad, hopeful + peaceful all at the same time. This is definitely an out of the ordinary post for me, but I thought it would be nice to share... And so it begins:

~ mid morning and all is quiet. The only sound is the clicking of the chain on my vintage, + might I add very cute, bicycle with a basket full of fresh flowers, vegetables + fruit from the farmers market in town, + my camera. I am peddling through what looks to me like the countryside of Italy. Massive, rolling hills are sprinkled with tiny little villas {hey, it's my fantasy!}. Every now + then I pass sunflowers blanketing the hillsides. And over there, grapes just waiting to be picked and made into a fantastic barrel of wine {again, my fantasy}.
I take a left turn into this spectacular driveway that is perfectly set in between two walls of flowers. Every kind of flower imaginable. Purples, blues, pinks, yellows, greens + reds paint the way for me. I am making my way home...
As I turn a small corner, I see Baylor, Hunter + David in the front yard. They are playing catch. There is this magical ray of sunshine that is cast down on them from behind the trees. The boys are in darling, matching of course, white rompers. I mean, all three look like something from a page of a Brooks Brothers catalog. And then out from behind the house, this little angel appears out of nowhere. She is breathtaking. Beautiful, blonde curly locks, smocked dress and flowers clutched in her tiny hands. It's my daughter. She looks just like her brothers ~ big blue eyes + cheeks you just want to pinch all day.

And then I wake up.... What in the world!? What am I supposed to do with that? What does it mean? Yes, of course I would love to live in Italy + I have been wanting a cute, little vintage bicycle with an awesome woven basket on front. I think it has something to do with my desire for something new and exciting. Don't get me wrong, being a stay at home mom is exciting.... in it's own way. I just need something to put my brain back to work and my passions into play. The basket full of fresh produce + my camera ~ come on! That is saying something right?! Food + photography... two things I love!
And then there's the little girl. David + I both want to have another go at this baby thing in another year or so. And we both would love to have a girl. A girl. Not two. And definitely not two more boys! Geesh! ~ I say that, but I know we would be happy either way...
If this is a prophesy.... I will gladly take what ever challenges come my way just to make this place in my mind a reality {Italy or no Italy}.

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