Thursday, March 8, 2012

Terrible Twos

Oh. My. Gosh.

No one could have prepared me for for the terror that I was going to endure this year. Really? The "terrible two's" could not possibly be here yet! They're only 20 months old {today} + were sweet little angels last month. What happened?! Where did they go? I miss them...

Yes, it is just that bad. No, it's not that bad. Wait, yes it is. This is what I would sound like if you could hear what's going inside of my head every day. Two little boys screaming, throwing fits before you walk into a store, flailing because they aren't ready to leave the park {which you hate now because they can never stay together or inside the playground for that matter}, + they're slapping + kicking. Awesome.
But, the milestones + the sweet kisses + out of the blue hugs do tend to make up for those out of control moments.


~ I am a genius! I know my ABC's. I can point to every letter you ask me to. I'm even learning my numbers. {Baylor has pretty much taught himself the alphabet. Granted, I work on ABC's every day with them. But, he sits in front of his Leap Frog laptop for hours every day, since Christmas. A couple of weeks ago I asked him to find the A, S, R, Q... he knew every single one! B is going to take after his daddy}
~ But, I'm not saying them. Nope. Still not talking as much these days. A word will pop out by accident every now + again
~ I give my mommy tons of hugs. If I see her standing in another room I will run up + hold her legs for a long time {melts my heart}
~ I am still playing with my matching books + puzzles. I just got a couple of new matching books of Winnie the Pooh + one for Elmo's potty training!
~ I love to roar like a dinosaur!
~ Spin! Spin! Spin! It's so much fun
~ I'm a dancing machine these days! I hear a beat in the store + I'm bobbing my head
~ If I have not seen that meal in at least the past two weeks, do not even bother putting in front of me because I will not eat it.
~ I love pizza!
~ I love pb+j's!
~ I love dipping sauce! Well, I really just eat the sauce by itself on my fingers... Who needs chicken?
~ I love slides!

~ I still like to push Hunter around on the car or cart! We also have a new game of dragging the other around the house. I hold one end of something + Hunter will hold the other. It's so much fun!
~ Elmo. That's all I need to say

~ I am a real talker these days. I can say bubble, Elmo, dinosaur, wall, water, + so many more!
~ I am putting more + more words together. I now tell the dog to go or no! "What's that?!" is getting better too!
~ I am definitely on my way to becoming the world's best dancer
~ Slides really aren't my thing at the park. It's the running in circles, checking out every nook + just going berserk! Drives mommy crazy!
~  I refuse to eat meat. Chick-fil-A doesn't even do it for me anymore. Makes meal time a little tough
~ I am still working on this whole teething thing. I have 12 so far!
~ I love to play peek-a-boo
~ Dinosaurs are so awesome! I can roar so loud!
~ TRUCKS!!!!
~ When I get excited, which is pretty often, I gasp really loudly + then shout out "CAR!". {"Car" can mean anything from an actual car to a large semi. }
~ I love Elmo! Or Mo-Mo
~ I love George!
~ If I hear an airplane, I can't wait to look outside + see if I can find it! They're so cool
~ I love, love, love to ride my car around the house like a maniac! I look like the drivers in Atlanta that mommy complains about so much
~ Still not into the matching books or puzzles. I just talk, alot, + like to color. {Hunter may take after me}
~ I am going to turn into a cracker. I'm addicted! Thank goodness mommy buys the healthy/organic kind or I'd be in trouble!
~ I'm a little Houdini. Now you see me. Now you don't! I'm outta your sight in a flash!
~ I love to run around + chase bubbles!
~ And I still love to snuggle

As for me + David, we're just making it through each day... Time seems to fly by but, some things seem to stand still {like David's class time!}. David is still working his way through grad school + working hard every day in the office. I am diligently working on Etsy as much as I possibly can, but just cannot seem to get as much accomplished as I'd like. Hunter hardly sleeps anymore these days with his teething + so my "free time"/their nap time seems to go by so quickly! I eat in less than 5 minutes then I'm cleaning + trying to get Etsy things done... Whew. I need just a few more hours in the day!
Also, there are so many new projects running through my head. I can't turn it off! One thing I am dying to have is this Polaroid camera. Ugh, it's a dream, isn't it?! {I'm sure there are others that are a bit cheaper...} And all of the different films that you could use... I must have it. The photos above, the headshots + Hunter sleeping, I used a Ps action that gives the photo an "Instagram" finish. To me, Instagram is all about that vintage Polaroid look. I think that's why I love Instagram so much.

Please do check out my Mon Petit Nid blog! I have posted several recipes + a few how-to's over there. And become a follower! I'd love to know who's checking us out + what you're thinking! I am working on a party package for a friend's little girl's birthday + should have that up sometime soon. I have a Thank You card set printed + ready to be photographed. Pretty soon I am going to work on the boys' birthday party items. They're actually having two parties... We will be at the beach during their birthday so I want to take full advantage of the beach setting! And then for friends + family we're having a dinosaur themed party. It will be a lot of work, but all worth it I'm sure!