Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can I Please Get Off This Roller Coaster?!

Things have been pretty irregular around here. Last Sunday, Super Bowl night, Baylor kicked off the week with the stomach flu + strep. Then that hunk of mess came my way, then to David + my poor, poor Hunter. Let's see, what else? B+H turned 19 months, Hunter is talking up a storm these days, + Baylor is smarter than words can describe. David has been moving along through grad school, I made cupcakes today for the first time since the boys first birthday, + Mon Petit Nid is moving along slowly but surely.

Anyone Got A Hazmat Suit We Can Borrow?
As I said earlier, Baylor became sick the night of the Super Bowl + it was down hill from there. He had thrown up during the night + I immediately took him to the doctor. They said that they had already seen 3 more cases just the same + that it should be out of sight in 24-48 hours. Well, by Wednesday, he had become worse than Monday! So, we trecked back to the doctor. He has strep too?! And after getting home from the pediatrician's office, Hunter begins to vomit everywhere! My world just begins to spin. Hunter is not only dealing with the stomach flu, he also gets strep and he's teething both top molars! We thought they were over the hump around Friday, + then lightning struck. Hunter is crying because he's sick + then I look over into Baylor's bed... He has thrown up what looks like everything from the past two days + is hanging lifelessly over the crib. I died. After getting him cleaned up, the bed remade + back to sleep I called the hospital. We thought we were going to have to take him in to have an IV for fluids. But, after getting him back up + seeing how alert + happy he was, we were singing a different tune. I then talked to his pediatrician + she said to just wait until that morning after she sees him. THEN Hunter starts to get sick again! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Really???! What is going on?!
Needless to say I didn't change one single regular diaper for over a week!!! And, they're still sick. Baylor is over the stomach flu (knock on wood) but still has strep. But, something happened after the third doctors visit. No more vomiting. We're on the right track.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I somehow find some time today to make dark chocolate cupcakes (America's Test Kitchen) with cream cheese frosting. With the boys so sick lately, there's no break. But, they turned out to be super delicious!

 The boys gave their dad some candy + honey roasted salted almonds to go with a 6-pack of his favorite beer (SweetWater 420).

One More Month Closer...
to 2. To 5. To 16.... To 21!!!!! I'm talking about Baylor + Hunter. They're 19 months already. Why? How? It's just not fair how time is flying by so quickly.


~ I have become really free, open + independent lately. I don't cry or run from people like I used to. Not such a great thing when it comes to strangers. But, when mommy is near, I'm not worried.
~ I loooooove slides! The higher the better! I go down all by myself + just can't get enough. The park is AWESOME! (except for when I get sick)
~ Matching is definitely my thing. I can match pictures of dinosaurs, pictures, + shapes. (It's true. Anything on the page or if I draw shapes on the Magnadoodle for him to match up, he can! He's so smart!)
~ Dinosaurs!!!!
~ I become attached to things. I carry around my dinosaur Buddy all of the time. He goes everywhere with me.
~ I can finish a block/shape puzzle with the snap of my finger. They're no match for this blue eyed boy!
~ I make the funniest faces
~ My laugh is contagious, unforgettable + to die for
~ Belly Buttons!!!!!  I love them! I have to look at mine, then yours, then Hunter's, then daddy's, then mine again.... It's become an obsession. So much that mommy got me a book about belly buttons for Valentine's Day
~ I like to stack blocks high + then knock them down really fast! If I can beat Hunter to it that is.
~ Yep. Still like to run around like a crazy, little kid!


~ "Uh Oh!" is now my new favorite saying
~ I am starting to repeat things you're saying. So watch out potty mouths!
~ Dinosaur Train's song says "We're Gonna Ride, Ride, Ride... the Dinosaur Train". I am in the works of making this my very first song! I have the 'ride, ride, ride' part down!
~ I can say so many different words now! In another month or two, I'll be able to put complete sentences together. Dinosaur, sit still (I hear that alot), What's That? (been saying that for a while, mom just figured out what I was saying!).... they just keep coming!
~ I still love to dance my little butt off.
~ I am finally cutting my first two top molars. That makes 12 teeth so far
~ I just can't get enough of my little riding car! I can get around on that thing like it's nobody's business! Turn this corner, stop on a dime... I'm unstoppable!
~ I like to stack blocks with Baylor + beat him to to the punch by knocking them down first!
~ I sit at our big boy table + read books or play on the Leap Frog computer
~ Still chasing Baylor + running around the house like a silly monkey!
~ I am now walking down the stairs all by myself! With the help of daddy's hand of course.

This Little Nest
This little mama is tired! After everything last week, just trying to find the mental/physical capacity to get dressed is daunting. I am trying to get things together + ready to finally upstart my Etsy shop. Ordering my printer tomorrow + taking pictures this week since the weather will be nicer for where I'm planning on shooting my merch!
I'd love for you all to follow my Mon Petit Nid blog. That is where I will post more of my incredible finds such as recipes, how~to's + I'm going to start a list of favorites ranging from cookbooks to children's toys. Not sure if I should do a favorites list every week (Friday Favorites) or monthly. Hmmmm? We'll see where it takes me. I will also post on my MPN blog about any new updates to my Esty shop.

Sending lots of love to everyone today!