Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It has been a while since my last post and so much has gone on since May... Where to start!? We have celebrated several birthdays, had a vacation, Baylor and Hunter have grown so much in the past few months... the list is endless! I will start with an update on my two little buggers and go from there!


~ I am now TWO! I am such a big boy!
~ I am so smart! No, really. I am. I can show you any ABC you want, I am even learning my numbers.
~ Colors are becoming a no brainer too.
~ I love to play with my brother. We like to run through the house pushing our dump trucks. They're so loud!
~ I have now become attached to my lovey. I always have to have something in my hands and now it's this...
~ I am trying to talk and say more words, but they're not coming out like I want. It gets frustrating.
~ I am opening the fridge... it's so much fun to climb inside!
~ Please, do not try and feed me anything that doesn't look familiar. I won't eat it.
~ I still love, love, love dinosaurs! I can play with my interactive dinosaurs all day!
~ I had so much fun at the beach this year! I especially loved playing in the sand!
~ I have a major sweet tooth! I don't have it often {maybe twice, ever} but icecream/frozen yogurt is awesome!!!!
~ I love bubbles... I even say bow-bulls! They're so fun to chase. Even better to watch Hunter chase them all over the place!
~ Granpa and Gammy K came down! We had so much fun with them. They even bought my favorite toy! A truck and tricycle!
~ I like to color and draw
~ I like writing on the ground outside with chalk, too.
~ Dancing is so much fun with mommy and Hunter!
~ I like to go on walks every day with mommy and Hunter. I like to walk and take my time.
~ I love to be tucked in at night. It's very comforting.


~ Yep, I'm TWO!!
~ I still looooove to dance! If it's Dinosaur Train or music on the radio, I'm shaking my butt and moving my arms to the beat! I do have rhythm you know!
~ I love to color! Even on the walls and table...
~ I am talking, talking, talking... I can even put words together for sentences.
Here you go! | I didn't do that. | Uh oh mommy. It broke. | Where did Baylor/baby go? | Mama, where daddy? | Why did you do that? | What's that? | Ow, mama! Boo boo hurts. | {Hunter is talking SO much more these days! Repeating everything back from Walrus to Worm to Grandpa! It's exciting to hear him grow each day with his vocabulary!}
~ I am such a boy! Running at all times, falling, boo boos every day... It's exhausting.
~ I love to go on walks! I have to tell mommy when it's time by taking her hand and pulling her out the driveway. I love to run down the driveway and street! When cars aren't coming of course.
~ I think I may be a fire fighter when I grow up! Woo woo! I love to make that sound and play with them all day!
~ Or maybe a conductor?
~ Or a race car driver?
~ Or a dare devil?
~ I love to surprise you! I jump out of the room/closet and yell "PRISE!". It scares mommy and daddy every time!
~ I love to get tucked in every night now. I may not stay lying down, but it's a nice way to end my day with mommy and daddy!
~ I can sing part of the Dinosaur Train song! You know, the "ride, ride, ride...." part! It's funny!

These two have become such big boys over night! From brushing teeth, to tucking in at night, to running up to you with their arms open ready to jump on you for a hug... I cannot imagine where the time has gone. Their kisses and hugs are bigger. Their laughter is bigger. Even the way they act around others says "I'm a big boy now" {most of the time!}... Sigh.
They start "school" in just a few weeks and I have no idea how I am going to handle that. Will they handle it well? I hope so. They love to play with other kids, so this should be OK. Right?
We also plan on having another beach vacation with them this September. They loved it so much in July, we thought we should do this again. I will post some photos from our beach trip next time! They were so much fun, and so exhausting, at Isle of Palms this year! I am just happy they both loved it as much as they did.
I will also post photos from the big TWO year old dinosaur birthday party they had! It was a good time and from what the parents tell me, their kids had a great time as well! Makes it all worth it.

As for David, he is kicking some serious ass! He has finally left the banking world and moved on to the "family business". He is doing something he's always dreamed of... being his own boss. For as long as I've know him, David has always wanted to do this. He is so smart and so driven. I am a lucky woman to have married such a go~getter!
Me... I've been working hard on all of the "necessary evils" here at the house. From planning birthday parties to planning trips to working on MPN! Oh, and then there's keeping Baylor and Hunter in one piece by the end of the day. It's been a hard balancing act.
I hope you have been over to my MPN blog. I have posted some yummy recipes and how to's. I even created my own Facebook page! So, please go over and "like" it, leave a comment.... I'd love to hear from everyone!

Hope y'all have had a wonderful summer so far! I'll be back with more from our parties and vacations soon!