Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

Now 6 six weeks old, sleeping longer through the night, making mom's day hectic and picking up the pounds left and right.... Baylor and Hunter couldn't be any more perfect! I know it's been quite a while since my last post, but these two have me scrambling day in and day out! So this post is one that's going to take a few sit down sessions.

Let's start from the beginning ~

Oh Hospital, How I Loathe Thee...
Spending 5 days in the hospital after I deliver via c-section = understandable. Returning to the hospital 5 days later because of an unknown infection = utterly ridiculous and 6 of the worst days of my life! My first week in the hospital was actually OK. On the day of their birth (July 7) it was a whirlwind. Baylor arrived at 12:33 and Hunter at 12:35. As soon as I saw Baylor over the curtain, my emotions just began flooding out of me and I was sobbing. I heard him cry and then there was another little angel in my sight... I couldn't believe it! TWO boys... I really incubated two??? I was able to "see" them for a couple of seconds at a time behind my wall of blue in the operating room and then they were gone. I spent an hour in the OR and then another in the recovery room.
One of the doctors was nice enough to take some photos for us

Seeing Baylor for the first time

Seeing Hunter for the first time
By the way, that's the new dad holding his boys!

In the recovery room we had a few scares. Hunter stopped breathing twice, my blood pressure was through the roof and they had to give medication to help stabilize me, and Baylor's insulin level was so low they had to prick his heel at every feeding to check and make sure he was getting better for 4 days....... UGH! What else, right?

But Wait! There's More!
I leave the hospital that Sunday and could not be happier to be going home with my two precious angels! On Monday night I ask David to look at my incision and see if he thinks I'm OK because it is really swollen and hard as rock. The next day I go into my OBs office.
And so the story begins.

After looking at me for a minute Dr. Bennett wants to open me up right away. I have an infection! WHAT?! And I have to do what??? Oh, pack and repack my open wound everyday.... no big deal. After going in to the doctor's office for three days they finally are able to get me into the Wound Care Specialist office at the hospital. By Friday (when I see the wound care people) my infection has gotten worse. They open my incision even more and pack a silver nitrate gauze in me hoping that this will help me heal faster. Nope, not so much. The next day David forces me to the ER b/c he says it has gotten worse and they admit me right away...

Oh and did I mention how amazing David was during this whole process? He had to take off the outer gauze and redress my wound every single day. Sometimes 3 times a day. At least he did not have to pack my wound.

2nd Go 'Round
The ER nurses and doctor were SO nice and helpful. They decided to start me on IV antibiotics at the highest level instead of what my OB decided to do and start from the bottom. First antibiotic down. Second step down of antibiotics and this is what happened...

My eyes started to itch... and then my face. I wanted to claw my skin off! David started to freak out and ran to get the nurse. They immediately took the line off and injected me with Benadryl. Boy did that stuff send me for a ride! I have never felt so loopy and drugged up!!
Cefepime. I'll never forget that name!
LONG story "short" I ended up having my incision completely reopened and packed for 4 more days until the lead doctor of the Wound Care facility, a plastic surgeon no less, decided to throw in the towel and perform a second surgery. I also had an infectious disease doctor come in to see me everyday because they could not determine what was going on with this infection! My red blood cell count was severely low and white cell count extremely high. I was anemic. I never saw my boys until Thursday, for 20 minutes. Needless to say I had to start the recovery process all over again. AND they sent me home with a PICC line and 10 days worth of IV antibiotics to change every morning.
Thank goodness for the second surgery though. I am healing beautifully and feel great! I still have a few pains, but these are actually normal this time around.

Present Day
In this corner, he hails from the right side of the crib. He measures at 20 3/4 inches long, weighing in at 9 pounds. He can down a bottle like it's nobody's business. He currently holds the championship title for the "Largest Poopy Diaper In the Preston Household".... Hunter Preston!!!

And in this corner, hailing from the far left side of the crib. He measures at 20 3/4 inches long, weighing in at 8 pounds. He has a smile that can melt your heart but a scream that can burst an a eardrum. He currently holds the title of "Preston With The Most Gas" (yes, surpassing his dad)..... Baylor Preston!!!

We took them in for their one month check up and were so shocked at how much weight they had gained! Honestly, we thought Hunter was going to be more than just a pound heavier than Baylor!
And speaking of one month, David and I went to Cami Cakes and bought the boys a couple of cupcakes to celebrate their one month birthday! Well, we ate them and said they were for the boys! Mmmm.... I love a good cupcake!

How ADORABLE are these two?! Ugh, we cannot get enough of them! We are getting in to week 7 and we're still in awe, shock, love, disbelief, and heaven when we look at Baylor and Hunter. This is also the time where they will finally recognize us and begin to have reactionary smiles. We've gotten a few here and there. Those moments make all of the trying times and hair pulling nights all worth it!

I forgot to post this last photo of me pregnant! This was week 38 and my last night pregnant! Look at how big I was! Oh my goodness!!! I do sort of miss being pregnant though. Does that make me clinically insane?