Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy Little Bees...

I do not remember the last time I was this busy! Aren't you supposed to rest during your pregnancy?! Well, not this preggers!

Doctors and Tests and Babies, Oh My!
We are now in the stage of the pregnancy where there's a doctor's appointment every other week. And since there are two doctors, this means one appointment every week. Last week was week 28 and our check up with Dr. Mann. At this appointment I found out just where those extra pounds came from... the boys! They are each 2.8 and 2.3 pounds! They have doubled their weight in just a month. I am so happy that they are growing at a healthy pace and are not under weight! Things are still looking up for us!
I also had my second, and dreaded, glucose test Thursday (April 29) to see if I test positive for gestational diabetes. Well, I PASSED!!! I am extremely happy about this! But I was not too fond of that damn test. I would never wish this on anyone... So I arrive at the doctor's office at 8:30 AM and they take my blood before I drink this outrageously horrible, sugar loaded, syrup water of a drink! Then she takes my blood again one hour later. Another hour later, (I'm lying down at this point because I've crashed from the sugar meanwhile the boys are on a sugar high!), my blood is drawn, again. And after another hour of waiting I have my blood drawn yet again. All in all, I have my arm poked FOUR times, each time hurting worse than before. This was awful! I eventually made it out of there around 11:45ish. I was starving and could not wait to get food in my belly...
By this point I am 28 weeks... Let's see, can you tell there's an extra 10 pounds since the last time I posted a photo?

Here's a photo from Baby Center of what twins look like at 28 weeks. Looking a bit cramped. I can relate!

This past Thursday I had my latest doctor's appointment with Dr. Bennett. I have gained yet another 4 pounds!! What in the hell are these babies eating?! 4 pounds in 2 weeks? Really? I almost fell over. I understand that I'm carrying twins, but geez! So that photo above... add some extra belly to it! And after my loving post last time about how my wonderful husband goes with me to all of these appointments, he has decided to forgo the Dr. Bennett appointments. I don't blame him. Not much going on with these appointments and they are every other week now... a bit much to take on every week. But he'll definitely go to Dr. Mann's visits because we get to see our little ones every time!

Baby Showers!!!
We feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives! April 24 we had our very first baby shower! It was a couple's shower given to us by our moms and we had a great time! It was nice to just chat with everyone and hang out with friends. The food was great and the gifts from our moms were so amazing! We loved everything from everyone, but theirs were very special to us! Here are some photos from the shower...

My mom gave us my old bassinet as part of our gift! My little sister and brother used it as well and it's very special to me. Hopefully the boys will fit in there together for a little while...

And the next weekend (May 1) I had a great baby shower with just the girls. It was a great time! We did play a game, the "fertilization game". Pretty hilarious!! (See if you can guess why it's called this from the photos). Aubree and Luci were so wonderful and really did a great job hosting my shower! I loved everything! And the food was delicious! Here are some photos...

Playing the "Fertilization Game"

Ahhhh.... the Babymoon
This weekend David and I took a little trip down to Destin, FL to get away. With all of the baby and house planning that has been going on this was a much needed vacation . Not to mention the stress that David has been going through with work. So Destin was a life saver! Here's what our agenda looked like for the weekend..............

Nothing, absolutely nothing. And it was so wonderful! We sat on the beach all day Friday and Saturday. David read an entire book and I went through trash tabloids and baby magazines. I did bring back a scorching tan though! It was really nice to just talk and sit with David for hours on end. I feel like we really connected on a different level with one another, almost like a mini honeymoon. I guess that's why they call it a "babymoon"! Below are a few photos from our perfect, relaxing, and sunny babymoon.

The guys fishing caught a little Sting Ray. And of course my avid outdoorsman had to lend a helping hand!

Our amazing B&B! The staff was so wonderful, the room was great and the food really good!

Here's a photo that I took for my photography class. What do you think? I had to use the Aperture function for this assignment (focusing in on one particular object while the rest of the photo is "blurry").

Like I've said... I/we have been busy, busy, busy! May is a non-stop month for us so hopefully June will be the calm after the storm! Monday we have another appointment with Dr. Mann so there's more to come!


  1. Wow! Those babies are getting big! You look amazing...just glowing. Try and enjoy these last weeks/months because before you know it, those babies will be here! Can't wait! More blog updates please!! :)

  2. Sooo amazing! You continue to look absolutely fabulous... Good luck with the move – very stressful, but it will be great for you two (four!). : ) Can't wait to see the boys!