Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Pain, No Gain.... Right?

Like I Said, I'm A Good Incubator
Well, today we had our appointment with Dr. Mann today to determine whether we deliver this week or next........................
Next week it is. Baby A had a nice little pocket of fluid and she saw no need to push the c-section date up. This was very, very disappointing to hear. Not the part where they are healthy and having a great time in there, but David and I had mentally prepared ourselves for an earlier date for delivery ever since last Monday ~ and not to mention my body fluffing up and crying out in discomfort! I can't do anything anymore without the swelling becoming so overwhelming that I have to sit down and prop up every limb. Sometimes I can't even see my kneecaps... I think my butt even has fluid in there!!! Needless to say the news was hard to swallow, but all we can do now is wait. Who knows, maybe I'll go into labor before then. We'll see!

Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmm........
On a lighter note I made a yummy-delicious pecan peach cobbler last night! It was my first cobbler ever and I think it turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Of course, I did have some help from my trusty sous chef. I found the recipe in Southern Living ~ here's the link. And I actually remembered to take photos! Woohoo! We are going to freeze the leftovers for later when we the boys get here! I also made homemade creamed corn and froze that as well ~ better to be over prepared I guess.

David and I found the juiciest, most fragrant and brightest peaches at Fresh Market! OH MY GOSH... I couldn't stop eating a slice for every peach... Ugh, so good!

Getting ready to bake and become a delicious dessert for us to devour!

Pièce de Résistance

Instead of whipped cream we used a wonderful vanilla bean ice cream to top it off! Enjoy if you decide to make... you will be so happy you did!
Tomorrow I'm making a banana nut bread to freeze as well! I guess I am becoming a little 'Suzy Homemaker'...


  1. the cobbler looks yummy, but the link isn't working...please send the recipe (or link to it) when you get a minute! thanks!

  2. Every time I come to town we always go out for dinner. From now on it's peach cobbler at the Prestons. Pops