Friday, March 26, 2010

Boy does time continue to fly by!? We are already into our 23rd week and I am freaking out! Our house is still up for sale so I can't start the nursery and who knows when Baylor and Hunter will decide they want to grace us with their presence! I met a woman at the mall today with twin girls. They were cute but little terrors! She said that they were born 3 months early, but are very healthy now at 18 months and 25+ pounds. It was nice to hear how the girls are healthy, but very scary at the same time to think that I could give birth so early! I have always known that it's a possibility, but I really just don't see myself going into preterm labor. And plus, our boys are going to be angels! Positive thoughts all around, right!?!

Can you say roller coaster ride?

These past few weeks have been turned upside down and flipped inside out! First, David was sick with the flu and then passed it on to me. So for almost two weeks we were both feeling crappy and so sick! Ugh. Being pregnant AND sick is really awful. Especially when you can only take certain medications. But poor David had to work and travel to Houston while getting over the flu... I felt so bad for him. At least I got to stay home! Second, finding maternity clothes that FIT and for a reasonable price has been deemed IMPOSSIBLE in my book! I have looked everywhere in Atlanta and online. No such luck thus far. And third, our house is just not selling. Although we have high hopes, a positive outlook and a great agent, we are just not having much luck. We did have an engineer come out today for a potential buyer so we have our fingers crossed that this kid wants to put the house under contract and BUY already. He's been here 3 times, is a first year student at Emory and single... this house is perfect! :) So keep your fingers crossed as well! Our boys need some room to live too!

Doctor's appointment and Growth

We had another doctor's appointment Wednesday. Just another routine check up and had my gestational diabetes test as well. Of course, with my luck, I have to take this test again because the doctor (not my normal doc) gave me the juice to drink umm.... a MONTH early! Well, my test came back normal/no GD! So this means I have to take this test again and hope that it comes back normal as well. If you like oober sweet drinks/food then this drink is for you! I thought I was going to vomit the whole time I was downing this thing. Dr Bennett listened to the heart beats and she's happy with how things are coming along! I gained 2 pounds so that puts me at 128lb and I'm feeling pretty good. Another great checkup! Yay! David and I can't wait for out next appointment on Monday with our perinatal doctor. Those are the exciting appointments because we get to have an ultrasound every time! We are so spoiled! What will we do if our next pregnancy is a singleton?! We won't have the luxury of all of these peeks at our baby!

5 months exactly! Half way there...

22/23 weeks ~ you can really see a difference in my belly size! But only a 2 pound difference...

People are really starting asking me how far along I am and when I tell them almost 6 months with twins, I think I lose them with "twins". I guess I'm pretty small to be carrying twins ~ but I'm not complaining! So long as it's my belly that's growing and my butt stops! :) One girl thought I was only 3 months just yesterday! I am definitely feeling a bit cramped these days though. My ribs feel like they are resting on top of my tummy when I sit down and my lungs just have no where else to go! At least I can still eat!!! And boy do these kids love it when I do! After I eat bigger meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) they just move around and kick all over the place! It's so funny as if they're doing the happy dance... David said "Sound like a Preston.... well, maybe not. Moving after a big meal doesn't ever really happen!". :)


I'm still having trouble with finding bedding. I'm driving myself crazy trying to find something that I love, will grow with two little boys and is at a reasonable price! If I can find fabric at a great price then we are going to have our bedding made! This is an exciting possibility...
We do have our cribs! It's so exciting to picture what their nursery will look like! I am already itching to get this nesting process rolling! We don't have a changing table/dresser just yet. We're waiting to find that IT piece. And by "IT" I mean matches the rest of the furniture, works as a regular dresser and is cheap!
But we did find an incredible furniture piece at the Pottery Barn outlet! It's an armoire that is multi-functional for clothes or as an entertainment center. So once the boys are no long in need of this it would work for a living room/bed room as an entertainment center! We love, love, love this piece! Mainly, I think, because we bought it for $1600 cheaper than the regular price tag! So far every thing that we have purchased has been on sale... Or we're just being careful and thrifty!

Please excuse the clutter/storage...

I think I am actually most excited about my new diaper bag! I decided that instead of spending $150-200 (and up) on a diaper bag that I am only going to use for a year or two, why not pay that for a large, well made purse that I can use later in life. I ended up getting a great deal on this purse and paid less for it than any other diaper bag that I've seen! So, it's really David/furniture and Sarah/purse... What else is new?!

Look at how big it is on the inside! Plenty of room for bottles, diapers, wipes, etc, etc, etc....

I'll post again next week with more photos from our doc appointment of our beautiful baby boys!

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