Friday, February 26, 2010

"Our names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior." ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

Week 19 has arrived and is leaving the station faster than I can blink! Time is flying by so quickly, I am worried that July will be here before we know it! But these past couple of weeks have been big for us!

Is it you baby... or just gas??
This past weekend I was lying down in bed and, as usual, had my hands on my belly. I do this every night and morning to try and connect with the little beings growing inside of me. And, selfishly, to try and see if I can feel anything other than my blood pulsing hard through my veins and gas rumbling in my tummy! Well, I think I did! It felt like a very faint, little pitter patter... it kind of reminds me of cartoon characters trying to quickly run away . I had never felt this before and it stopped me in my tracks. Sooooo... I think we had our first movement last weekend! Very exciting! David and I cannot wait until they are really moving in there and we can actually feel them kick. I want David to experience this so badly! ~ And I say all of this knowing that one day (or two or three, etc) I may not want them to move around so much when a foot ends up in a rib or my bladder is getting abused!

Ah.... the sweet sound of nothing.
I have finally quit my job at the daycare! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved those babies (well, most of them) and the parents were great. But as most of you know, the admin was just terrible and did not treat us well at all. And not to mention the heavy lifting involved! Some of my kids were 20 pounds at just 6 months! So picking these babies up off of the floor, even getting out of the chair with them, was a big problem for me being pregnant. I do miss some of the babies and I do miss my teachers but, I am so much better off at home resting and possibly by-passing bed rest!! Resting and not doing as much heavy lifting will help me better prepare myself for June/July and I can actually do some of my yoga that I have been dying to start! I am also hoping to work from home and watch some kids here and there until I just cannot possibly do anymore. In other words, I do not plan on being LAZY while at home for the duration of this pregnancy!

So what's really in a name?...
Yep, that's right! We have NAMES!!! After much deliberation and researching, we finally agreed on two names and love them! It took me a very long time because I just could not find a first name or middle name that just fit. I did so much research, I was starting to question the names we had originally picked out to call them because I could not find a great first or second name to flow with them. But here we are and we are ready to share...

Robert Baylor Preston ~ (Baylor) ~ Just a little background info: In my family (mom's side) I have always had a "theory" that when someone passes away we have always been blessed with another. When my grandpa passed, my sister was born; with Grandma JoeAnn, Sydney was born; with Uncle Paul, Lucas was born; and last year we lost two family members, Aunt Nancy and my cousin Rob. Well, I am pregnant with twins. To me, this just confirms my "theory". Losing everyone has been very tough for me, but last year it was even harder losing Rob.
After thinking about it and talking it over with David, we both agreed that naming one our boys after Rob would be a wonderful thing to do. So Robert Baylor will be named after my cousin, Robert Blanchard Anderson. But we will call him Baylor because there is absolutely no way I could call him Rob/Robert. Plus, I have always loved the name Baylor ever since I was a little girl. Although the circumstances for this name are awful, the names work and flow perfectly.

Hunter Brooks Preston ~ (Hunter) ~ This name was so HARD! David threw out the name Hunter one day and gave me the definition: One who likes to hunt. Yeah........ I was not thrilled with David after that one. I have always like the name but never even considered it when making my list. And I thought David was just being a smart ass, as usual, and wasn't being serious. But after weeks of him insisting that he was serious, I really started to consider Hunter. So for about a week I researched and researched and tried so hard to find a first or middle name that flowed with Hunter. I gave David a list of names that I came up with and he chose Brooks out of a list of maybe 5 or 6 others!

Thank goodness the naming process is OVER! We love our names for our twin boys and think they will fit perfectly into our little family! Hunter and Baylor Preston. I love it. It makes me smile every single time I say their names. We do not know "which baby is who" until they are born. We decided that we will name each one once we can actually look at them and say "OK, you look like a Baylor and you look like a Hunter"...
Ah..........{big sigh}........ Although being pregnant is hard work and takes a lot of you physically, mentally and emotionally, I love this process!

Here I am at 18 weeks... What do you think? Any bigger?

My mom and Ken came up to Atlanta last weekend to attend a ball for Ken's fraternity and they had dinner with us at one of our favorite restaurants, Float Away Cafe

Here are a few things that I just had to share with you that are just too stinking cute!

This onesie (we have two of the same) is so cute! My mom picked these out because of my avid hunter (insert 'Hunter' reference) of a husband...

It has a butt flap! How freaking adorable is that?!

We also have two of these pacifiers. Even if the boys don't like them, they were hard to resist!

And these booties are so sweet. This is what they will come home in. As for the rest of their bodies, I haven't found anything yet!

Ugh! David and I cannot wait for our little boys to arrive. The anticipation is killing us!

On Wednesday we had another check up with my OB. It was different this time around. No ultrasound, just the Doppler. I had to inform the nurse that we have two in there because she only listened to one heartbeat! I don't really like using the Doppler. I guess with a singleton it's fine and works well but, with two it was hard to get a good read on the heartbeatS. I'm doing well over all though. My weight is up to 126 pounds!!! I have NEVER weighed that much in my life! And my belly measurements were good (first time my belly's been measured too).
We cannot wait until Monday when we go to the Perinatal doc for our fabulous, high tech check up! They will do an anatomy testing where they will measure bones and count fingers and toes... along with many other things I am sure. We love going to see Dr. Mann because we get to see the boys and how they are doing so much better than with our regular OB... So check back next week for an update and pictures of Baylor and Hunter!!!

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