Sunday, July 24, 2011

"...nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should." ~ Julia Child

I have quite alot to post about because oooh let's see... Not only did I host TWO parties, one out of town for my mom's 50th and the other for my boys' FIRST birthday the very next weekend, but we went to visit my Grandma + Papaw, David's sister came into town Thursday and then we packed it up Saturday and drove 3 hours to Manchester, TN to see David's Grandpa. Whew... where is my bicycle and the rolling hills from my fantasy? I could use them right about now.

Saturday, July 2, 2011
My sister + I banned together to throw the biggest bash that Bartow, GA has seen since, well.... my wedding! Our mom turned 50 and we couldn't just sit back and let this day pass us by like any other! There was a band, + food (tons of food that vanished within minutes!), frosty beverages, cute costumes + fabulous people from the surrounding area there just to celebrate our mom! It was a very special night. Here are some photos that I stole from my mom.

Me + my fantastic little sis Jackie / Aunt Lea, Uncle Raymond, mama, Uncle Joe

Shagging with my little brother / sister

cake + decorations

It was a 60s theme and boy did everyone surprise us! There were soooo many fabulous 60s costumes! It was so much fun decorating and coming up with the invitations. We had tie dyed pails with candles on top of colorful table cloths. There were pictures of mama on every table from her childhood all the way up to just a few years ago. It was very special for me + Jackie to do this for our mom. Setting out all of the beautiful photos of her + seeing Grandma in so many photos... it was heartwarming.
It was such a wonderful night! But, the most important thing was that my mom was honored + had an incredible time!

The next day we trekked it on over to see my Grandma Georgia and Papaw. I am so glad we did! They haven't seen the boys in so long + it was well overdue! Since they were going to be unable to make the trip up the following weekend for the boys' birthday party, we really needed to get over there!

Hunter was a bit shy this day + did not want to be held

My Papaw is going through a really rough patch these days. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is now going through chemotherapy. This chemotherapy run will last 7 weeks straight, 5 days a week, 1 hour drive each way... I do hope he charges through this with endurance and heart ~ because he also has a pace maker. I think this is going to be rough but I know he will make it.

Next stop.... a FIRST birthday!

My little angels, sweet buggers, most beautiful boys in the world are one year old! Where did the time go? I look back at their photos and just cannot believe how tiny they were. They came home in premie clothes... and now they are 17.5 pounds + 19 pounds, 29 inches tall, walking, talking.... Ugh, I miss those little baby sounds already.

~ I am now 17.5 pounds + 29 inches tall! (That's less than 3% in weight, 50% height!!)
~ I love to walk everywhere now! I get so excited I'm actually running a bit...
~ I will dance with my brother to every song that comes on! I like to stand + dance + shake my head
~ I eat like a horse now, but at a much slower pace than Hunter
~ I like to prop my foot up when in the high chair or car seat just like my mommy
~ I quit the bottle cold turkey over a month ago! And said sayonara to formula the day my bottle went away.
~ Fruit is my best friend
~ I can wave + say bye. But my "bye-bye" is more of a southern drawl "byyyyyye-byyyye"
~ I know what a duck is + I can say quack! "kak" is what it really sounds like
~ When I hear the dogs I immediately run to the gate and yell 'ga ga ga'. This is me saying "dog", but the ending 'g' part
~ I love to make music! I shake anything that rattles and bang on it if it drums
~ I was stung by an ant last week. It made my hand swell + bleed. :(  It hurt!
~ I am definitely becoming a little clown. I will say things that are so funny, they'll knock your pants off! I laugh hysterically every time.... I crack myself up!
~ I do not like sitting in the car seat. Enough said.
~ Playing with Hunter every day makes me so happy! We love to play in the tunnel Grandma Ann bought us + chase each other all over the room! He is definitely my best friend
~ I give lots of hugs these days. I walk up to mommy + daddy and just hug 'em. I am really becoming quite the little snuggler.


~ I still love, love, love to dance! Here is a video of me dancing to Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" + Gomez's "See The World" with Baylor. Although, he seems a bit preoccupied learning how to walk + all

~ I eat like a horse, too! You'd think I swallow my food whole it's gone so fast! If I'm close enough to Baylor's tray, I'll try and steal a few pieces of what ever I can reach to gobble up as well...
~ I weigh 19. 7 pounds + am 29in tall just like Baylor! My weight % has dramatically dropped because I am so active + growing like a weed. It's down to 8%! Crazy, huh?!
~ I now have my 5th tooth! Just came in this week. It's been a doozy, too. I was up all night + up at 5am with this thing. I'm ready to get this stuff over with!
~ Every now + then you will catch me staring off into space, as if I'm shutting down. I definitely get this from mommy.
~ I like to hold my leg/foot up. I don't know where this came from... but I'm cute when I do it! (see picture below)
~ I love to find things. I will find the ball, a book, even the dog if you ask me to!
~ If you ask me "what says quack?" I will go and find the duck for you!!!
~ I am standing completely on my own, without pulling up on furniture. I am definitely teasing mommy + daddy with this whole walking concept.
~ I can figure out all of these musical, technologically advanced toys with no problem at all. If I figure out which button makes music + the lights turn on, I will push it, + push it, + push it, + push it, + push it, + push it.................
~ I am starting to sing to songs that I know + love, such as Adele + Florence + The Machine! I'm so adorable.
~ I will say + wave bye to you every time. Daddy always asks for "bye-bye's" when he leaves for work each morning
~ I love playing with my brother! We will play chase + push the same toys all over the room. He's my best friend
~ I no longer have to wear my helmet!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!! 

Birthday Party Under The Big Top
Their birthday party was so wonderful! Everyone was there, eating, drinking, chatting... just having a great time. I thought that I was going to have leisurely time, lolly gagging around taking photos all day..... Ha. I was so busy up to the minute (later than that actually) as usual. Cooking, cleaning, cooking, setting up, decorating, cooking, delegating, + then showering! Whew. I cannot believe I do this to myself every time! What is wrong with me? And then being the hostess, there really is no hanging out for me (with a large crowd anyway). But... it was all worth it and everything was perfect. 
My mom took lots of photos for me + I was able to take a few myself after everyone was gone.
I know I promised how-to's, but not this long post! Coming soon, I swear!

 getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"
 their first birthday bibs were so adorable!
eating our very first piece of cake!!! we devoured it!
my perfect lil' family

 I made these sweet little party hats for the children/the ferris wheel is a photo I took that you may remember from a previous post!
wearing our very own 1st birthday party hats that mommy made!

David + I are extremely lucky parents to have such amazing, handsome, smart, sweet, loving little boys. They may be a handful but, they are completely worth every hair pull, tear, laugh + hug+kiss. I am so fortunate to be a stay at home mom for B+H. Not only do I get to see every milestone unfold before my eyes, but I am also the one who helps them along each day, learning new things. I am the one who comforts them with each boo-boo + there to wipe away tears. I am also the one who gets to tickle them + make them laugh uncontrollably each day. I AM THE LUCKIEST WOMAN/MOM ALIVE. I would not alter one single ingredient in my little recipe of life. It's perfect just the way it is.

Aunt Patty! 
David's sister came into town, just passing through, this past Thursday. It was her first time visiting + meeting the boys! We were so happy to have her here!! It was a really nice because she + I actually had the chance to bond + have great conversation without a phone connected to our ears!

Here she is helping David bathe the boys while I prep dinner

"Dad! Water! Please!"

with Baylor, who looks a little confused...

and again with both little stud muffins!

Then it was off to Manchester, TN....

Hi Great Grandpa Preston!
We made a little trip up to TN to see David's grandpa this past weekend. I was so glad we did. He seemed so delighted to have us all there and to finally meet B+H! Here are some photos from that trip

Here are some fun photos for your enjoyment!

sweet baby boy

Hunter was not in the mood for more pictures (+ a bit of stranger anxiety)

Baylor warmed up nicely


I have much, much more to post about. But, I thought this was enough for one post!! I hope everyone is staying cool in this terrible heat...


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