Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach + Family Time

I have been one busy mama. From traveling to party planning to keeping up with our two little devils... I'm spent! But this is my life, so far anyway!

Ahhh BEACH! How I've Missed Thee!
During the week of Memorial Day, we packed up everything but the kitchen sink and headed toward the coast! We met my family in Isle of Palms for a long, "relaxing" week of sun, sand and water. If you're not familiar with Ilse of Palm, definitely become acquainted! This little island of the coast of South Carolina is so quaint and empty!!! Our little nook on the beach was cozy, beautifully coated with white sand, + spacious.... It's so nice to walk out on to a beach and not worry if everyone can fit in that teency~tiny sandy spot 400 yards away!

Since I never seem to be in the picture, I decided to book a photographer out of Charleston. Amy, owner of Sweet Tea Imagery came over and took some pictures of me, David + the boys since we have yet to have family photos of ourselves! She was so sweet and very patient with us. Baylor + Hunter were definitely not themselves that week with the change of scenery and all. But for the most part they were really good boys. You can see more of our photos here.

My favorite hands down

Unfortunately I did not take any photos of my entire family while at the beach... I was so distracted with trying to keep my own family under control, I lost focus! :(

T minus 1 Month + Counting...
That's right! We're now 11 months just waiting for that new year to come along. Here's what we're up to these days


~I can now stand completely on my own with out pulling up on furniture
~I have said da-da, ma-ma, ball + dog! I don't like to repeat myself, so don't ask
~I will not eat it if I can't see it. {Baylor will not eat something out of your hand if he doesn't get a good look at it first!}
~Tackling Hunter really makes me happy! Playing with Hunter in general makes me happy
~I know what a ball is and love to chase my favorite ball all over the room!
~I know what a book is. My favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I like to point at the eyes on each page {to me, this is amazing because he is pointing to an object on different pages/animals that are similar and then sometimes he will touch my eye. Smart lil' bugger!}
~I give mommy lots of kisses!
~I can walk really well with our walkers.
~I have taken a step here and there. Just teasing mom + dad is all...***
~I love to climb! Whether it's on my brother or the jumperoo, I'm on it!
~I think it's fun to bang my hands on things. Table, chair, water.... it's fun everywhere!

Baylor took about 8 steps with no problem at all! David and I just held our breathes, I couldn't move. I was speechless. And of course, we tried + tried to get him to do it again, but no such luck. But, here's a sneak peak. Pretty funny video as he is growing tired of our harassments...


~I love to run behind our walkers! On my feet or knees, as long as I'm going
~I love to dance to every sound that has a beat!
~I still bounce like crazy
~I have started to stand on my own with no hands! This is very exciting!
~I have said da-da, ma-ma, dog + book!
~I know that if you say Brown Bear, you're talking about my favorite book and I will go get it for you to read
~I know who Baylor is!
~I know what ball means and I'll go get that as well!
~I love to climb. If it's knee high, I'm on top of it.
~My helmet is really working well. My last doctor's appointment was pleasantly surprising. The doctor said I may be half way through the process already! I am a growing boy after all...
~I love to play hide+seek! My mommy's the best at this game...
~I think it's funny to slam my hands down on the table. Mommy + daddy will play too! It's especially fun in the water!
~I wave bye-bye!
~I give mommy kisses all the time... :)

"My dad is so silly..."

Some fun moments


We took the boys to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday! It was so much fun watching B+H become mesmerized by all of the amazing sea creatures. The nurse sharks, groupers, belugas, + all of the thousands of other fish performed very well for our little buggers!

The Beluga whales were my absolute favorite! They would swim right up to you, face to face, and just dance and play! The boys were so enamored. It was just so sweet to watch.

Nurse Shark

Happy Father's Day!
Today was David's first Father's Day! Baylor + Hunter are two very, very lucky boys to have such an extraordinary father. I know that David will only be an unbelievably positive influence in their lives. He'll be that cool dad who can make weird noises and flies them through the air. And the dad they can always turn to when life throws a curve ball.
He's incredible.

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