Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Title Here... Too Tired To Think!!!

I cannot believe I have been this lazy/busy/spaced out/forgetful/exhausted/etc/etc ~ what ever you want to call it! I have not updated my blog in how long? A month+ maybe?! I have an extensive amount of things to blog about... So here goes!

Who Needs Mom + Dad?
David + I took the boys to the park one day and found out that our babies are becoming pretty independent. Baylor would just take off from us, crawling as fast as his little arms and legs could take him. He just wants to explore the world around him! Hunter was not to interested in leaving us at the time. He likes to sit beside you when you're down on the floor. Here's a video of Baylor crawling towards daddy for once instead of the opposite direction!

He was so proud of himself that day! He would stop for a moment, look back at us to smile and take off again! So sweet yet, so terrifying at the same time.

9 + 10 months
Here's the run down for you:
~In the past month Baylor has started to stand on his own without support. He is almost to the point where he is standing without pulling up on something! I swear they're going to walk before their first birthday.
~We now know how to climb the stairs without hesitation or failure!
~Dancing is what we love to do!!!!!
~Hunter now has his helmet that helps round out his little noggin.
~Both were sick about a week ago.
~Baylor now has 5 teeth with 3 more coming in! Hunter has 4 + his bottom 2 molars are coming in... poor babies

At their 9 month check up (4/12) Hunter was 17.5 pounds + 28.5" long. I took him in on May 4 because he had a 101.5° fever. His weight.... 18.5. Little bugger gained a pound in less than a month! He does eat well. Baylor, at their check up, was 16.22 pounds + just shy of 29" long! They are growing up so fast.

9 month pics


10 month

Steps? What Steps?
There is just no stopping these two from getting around when ever + where ever they want. Without any hesitation, Hunter and Baylor decided to just climb right up the steps. I am truly happy that they are exploring and wanting to take on new things, but climbing?! This really freaks me out.

Shake Ya Groove Thing!
Hunter + Baylor have mastered the art of dance. The first time I saw Hunter dancing, I honestly didn't know what I was looking at. He was on top of this toy that sings and teaches hands, feet, colors, etc, just moving back and forth so quickly. And then he did it again, + again... I finally realized my little bugger was shaking his groove thang! Of course Baylor didn't come without a dancing gene or two...

This is My Playground!
I think play dates should happen a bit more in our near future! We met up with Heather Hodge and her little fella, Wyatt, for a quick afternoon visit at the park a while back. It was nice getting the boys out and hopefully a little more acquainted with future friends!


Who said anything about wearing them?

Last week we met up with Suzanne Doyle and her little munchkin, Michael. I cannot believe he is going to be 2 this July! Here are some pictures of the boys swinging. Baylor was actually enjoying it this time!

What Are We Going To Do Without This Thing???

Looking good huh?! Hunter has bumped and scratched his head on so many things around the house, his poor little noggin takes some abuse once the helmet comes off! He has to wear it 23 hours every day. So, needless to say he's pretty used to this thing now! But, I will say, his little smile looks so much bigger behind this blue monstrosity, it's unbelievably irresistible!

Celebrating the holidays is a little harder for us this year because we can't just pack up and go. So, I asked that our fams come to us for Easter this year. My mom, Ken, sis and brother actually packed their butts up and came to us! It was really nice to have them here too. It felt kind of special being the one this time in charge of the food and drinks... like I'm really an adult, with a family of my own.
I delivered poached salmon, herbed spoonbread and a tomato, corn salad to the table. I also made an angel food cake from scratch with homemade whipped cream and strawberries. Mmmm... I'm craving Easter lunch again!

Easter cookies Jackie + I baked ~ John Paul helped us decorate (note the peace sign!)
The setting

The food

The shades

Sweet love surrounding the table...

I do plan on keeping up with my blog. I have just been so busy lately with two parties to plan. I will post my how to's very soon!


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