Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Slice of Heaven

I finally did it! I have produced the perfect angel food cake!!!! Thank you, thank you America's Test Kitchen! Not only do they have great recipes that have been put through the ringer, but they also provide videos. This was a major help to me. The last time I tried making this type of cake (um, two years ago?!) I obviously did not fluff the eggs enough. Plus, I think the recipe was kinda botch...

Take a look at my homemade angel food cake and whipped cream. (Please excuse the lighting. It's terrible in our kitchen)

Mmmm... This yummy-deliciousness is definitely going on my table for Easter.

This recipe is very, I mean VERY, time consuming. Sift all of this, add this by the tablespoon, beat forever (literally 10-11 minutes), cool for what seems to be a lifetime... But, oh so worth it in the end though.
Next up, blueberry scone!

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