Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Month Passes Us By

So, we're 7 months old this week!!! Doesn't it seem like this is all I have been saying lately?! We're 4 months... 5 months.... 6 months... 7.... 8.................................. Ugh. Why does time have to go by so quickly when you get older?! I can remember as a child, it seemed like my birthday, summer vacation and Christmas break would never get here! Now, it feels like Hunter and Baylor's birthday will be here next week. OK, so in another 4 months but, I think I am going to start planning now!

Here are some photos from their 7 month "photo shoot"...

I love these Sticky Bellies milestone/birthday stickers! If you go to their website (and Facebook page) you can see photos of the boys! How awesome is that?!

Hunter and Baylor are growing up so fast! Hunter is now working on his first tooth (waking mom up at 4:30 this morning!) and Baylor's second is wanting to show up and join in on the fun. Crawling is a common move around here and eating everything in sight... well, let's just say the apple doesn't fall from the tree, dad! These two are always smiling and laughing, which in turn makes me smile and laugh all of the time! You will see why below.


... and here

By the way, Bruizer is coming home this week! I am so thankful for Sam and Kristine (Ken's nephew and his wife)! They have really helped us out with Bruizer and his kidney infection. He had a little surgery last week, has been recovering nicely and comes home Friday... Couldn't ask for a better outcome! Love this little kitty...

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  1. Love the videos! Gary had such a great time seeing the boys . . . wish I could have joined him.