Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Over the River And Through the Woods, To Grandmother's House We Go...

Our first Christmas as a family! I felt so blessed to be with David, the boys and my family this year. Although Hunter and Baylor did not understand what was going on around them, it was the best Christmas I have ever had.
Christmas eve was spent at my grandmother's and boy were they spoiled with hugs and kisses! Hunter was so incredibly adorable with his Great Grandma Georgia. He was constantly giving her kisses! And she loved every slobbery munch of the cheek!

The best gifts of all...

Finally, a family photo!

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

Did I mention that Hunter is getting better at sitting up on his own? It happened one day while we were "practicing". I let go, slowly backed away... and presto! He's actually sitting!!! I was so excited that I couldn't stop taking pictures. And, of course, Hunter's looking at me as if I'm crazy for leaving him alone to do this.

Sitting up on their own will open a whole new chapter for them! Not to mention it would make my duty as entertainer of the day much, much easier! Baylor has not quite gotten there yet. But, his auto-reflex of rolling over as soon as he touches ground makes for an interesting day. To him it's the best thing since squash!

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