Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double, Double Toil and Trouble...

I love, love, love, LOVE this time of year! SEC football, leaves changing and the weather getting cooler. And not to mention there's a little holiday we call HALLOWEEN!!! If you know me then you know how much I love Halloween, hosting parties and dressing up. I live for this stuff! Well, this year I'm dressing up babies instead! This past weekend David and I took the boys up to North GA to visit Hillcrest Orchards to do a little bit of apple picking and maybe catch a hay ride with the boys in their costumes... Unfortunately they were not open for picking because of all of the dry weather we've had lately. So we bummed around for a bit, bought a bushel of apples and hit the road. On our way back home we decided to check out Amicalola Falls but were stopped dead in our tracks when we came across this amazing pumpkin patch! OK, I say "amazing" but it was pretty great to me. I was just so happy to be there because we did not expect to see pumpkins this late in the season (especially on the last day of October!).

So off we went with the boys and of course I had to put their very first Halloween costumes on for this!

Tigger and Pooh were very sleepy after their long afternoon

We had a great time in Elijay, GA traveling around in the mountains with the beautiful array of colors, grabbing some apples and snapping some adorable photos of the boys at their first (and my first) pumpkin patch!

I cannot believe my two little rays of sunshine will be four months old this Sunday! We have their check up on Tuesday so I'll keep you posted. So far what I can tell you is that Hunter is now rolling over from back to tummy, ticklish (but not as much as Baylor), likes to stand up over sitting and loves putting everything in his mouth! Baylor is still ticklish as ever, loves to talk to Hunter (he lights up Baylor's little world every time), likes to sit in his Bumbo chair or mommy's lap, which ever is more convenient, and cannot get enough of the dang TV! It drives us crazy... he would turn his head completely around if he could just to see what's going on!!!
But the obvious update is that we have the two cutest, most adorable little boys ever!

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