Wednesday, September 8, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

So far, life as a mom has been great! I am finding that little things here and there are making me happier and happier... It's nice. But don't get me wrong, I still have my moments when I want to run and hide in a dark room just to get some sleep and forget that I have to pump (constantly!). Hunter, Baylor and David, though, are just so amazing and make me so ridiculously, incredibly happy everyday!

Excuse Me, Did You Know We Have Twins?
Can you say matching outfits!? Yes, I know... this will only last as long as I'm in control of what they wear. Therefore, I plan to take FULL advantage of dressing Baylor and Hunter in the exact same outfit and/or color any chance I get. These two are pretty much naked 100% of their lives so far anyway!!

Here they are a little less than a month old. Look at how tiny!

Family time in the Botanical Gardens, celebrating their 2 month birthday, and stopping to laugh at their silly dad!

And speaking of birthdays...

Happy TWO month birthday!!!

Don't you just adore these stickers (months 1 through 12)! I think they are just darling. They are called Sticky Bellies. A friend on Facebook sent me the owners email address and said that I should email her my photo because it was just too cute not to! So I emailed Carly and she posted it on her company's Facebook page and website! I cannot believe Baylor and Hunter's photo is up for the world to see!! Here is the link for her FB fan page and the link for Sticky Bellies.

You Can Call Me Betty... Betty Crocker That Is.
I don't know what has gotten in to me, but my sweet tooth is more like a mouth full of "sweet teeth" combined. I have never liked desserts or candy this much before in my life! It came on during my third trimester and has not hit the road yet! And now I can't pass by the candy isle without bringing home M&Ms or fresh baked cookies from Fresh Market. I'm also finding new recipes that are out of my norm and baking pretty often these days, when I can find the time of course.
I have a new love on Food Network and her name is Aarti. I was obsessed with "The Next Food Network Star" and she was definitely my favorite. Well, Aarti won, has her own show and I'm loving it! I'm also loving her Huggy Buggy Bread Pudding. So delicious! Instead of figs I used apricots. And it was so good that David said he liked this more than my super, yummy-delicious peach cobbler! Say what?! I guess it's a good thing though because this bread pudding was SO easy to make!

Another delicious treat is Aarti's BLC (bacon, lettuce and cucumber). I know it sounds crazy, right? But, it is so good! The spread is a nice mint/garlic/Indian spicy mayo that works really well with the crisp cucumber. Add this to a nice, freshly baked slice of bread and you've got yourself a sandwich! I can't wait to try more of Aarti's Indian and American-Indian infused recipes.

The other night I made Giada's Peach and Strawberry Crumble... so yummy! Not sure about all of the juice, but it doesn't bother my taste buds!

Summer Time... And the Livin' Is Easy
It's the simple, little things in life that fill my heart ~ Over the past couple of weeks the weather has been so nice and inviting that I find myself just sitting outside with a drink, be it coffee in the morning or a glass of wine/beer at night, and hanging out with my hunny. I also love to take the boys out to feed or just sit and rock them. The lake is beautiful out behind our place and the temperature has been awesome! It feels great to be outside and the boys love it...

Night time feeding with dad

Just Sayin'...

My all time favorite.

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