Thursday, November 3, 2011

So, Why Don't We Catch Up?!

YIKES! I am sorry to leave you hanging. This household of 4 has been crazy busy! From football games to the zoo to museums... we're doing it all in little time it seems. I honestly don't know where to begin. Let's start with....

Goooooo Dawgs!
I have NO clue what my husband was thinking (last year) when he said "I cannot wait to take the boys to their very first Georgia game! It will be so much fun!". And in the back of my mind, I am trying with all of my might to turn this horror story into a beautiful fantasy ~ the boys are sitting in our laps cheering on the beloved Bulldogs, we go down for a "healthy" dinner during half time, the boys are falling asleep in our laps in the 4th quarter and then we head home after the Dogs win (haha!).
Yeah... this did NOT happen! I am pretty sure this was David's "1st football game" fantasy as well. I just knew what we were getting ourselves into and it was anything but a lazy day! We're up, we're down. Who just made that pass? Who are we even playing?!
But, I must say ~ Baylor + Hunter were too cute in their jerseys.

Needless to say we left during half time, missed our guest's brother,  who is in the AirForce, flying over before the game and his walk out on to the field during half time.... it was a mess! David learned his lesson :)

Not too long after the game Baylor came down with strep throat, Hunter had a bad cold and I was miserable with a sinus infection. All the while David was starting grad school and traveling non stop with work! It's been a three ring circus around these parts. We miss David all of the time now because he is either working late, studying or doing homework. I think we're all ready for his first semester to be over! But, we couldn't be prouder of him for taking on this amazing task! We love you!

Lions, + Tigers, + Bears... Oh My!

Our second trip to the zoo proved to be well worth it! B+H were enthralled with all of the creatures they learn about every day! The elephant, giraffe, lion, + monkey? Are you kidding?!  Too stinking precious...


  Daddy showing Baylor the giraffes

 Me, Hunter + the giraffe

 Just loungin' around

 Red Panda

" Heeeyyyy.... What's in there?"


I love this photo b/c not only do you have Hunter captured by the panda, but you can see Baylor's reflection in the window just as mesmerized 

 Hunter was so excited in the petting zoo

 Poor Baylor got a little headbutt and was weary for a while. 
But, he got over it eventually! 
You can see H on the other side! So funny! 

Baby kangaroo in mama's pouch



This was definitely an incredible day for the whole family! The boys are getting so big + are understanding + learning so much, it's just mind boggling for me.

I will spare you a long, drawn out post. I will post again about our pumpkin patch visit, farm life, hometown football games + Halloween! Also, I'll let you in on my secret... ;)


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