Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch" ~ EB White, Charlotte's Web

David and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting twins!!! There are so many words to describe just how we feel, yet I can't really find the right one. Amazed, shocked, scared, elated, anxious, nervous.... the list could go on! This pregnancy has already been a roller coaster of a ride but we're making it. Or should I say I'm making it! When we found out in November that we were expecting we couldn't control ourselves and immediately took our first 'belly pic'! No big belly, but I definitely have something that wasn't there before. Gas maybe???

4 weeks 5 days

Not only did we take a pic or two but we also called my doctor to set up our first appointment. We saw Dr Bennett on December 1 to have our first prenatal visit to confirm our pregnancy. Since I was a high risk preggers to begin with, they actually did an ultrasound! That is when we found out for the first time that we are expecting twins!!

Our very first picture of our two little miracles

The ultrasound tech asked me, "Do you see that?", and of course my response was "Um... I don't even know what I'm looking at". She just held up two fingers and I let out a big gasp and started freaking out! I shouted "TWINS?!" and David about dropped over dead! The entire 3-4 weeks of knowing that I was pregnant something inside told me that it was twins. I even told David and family of my premonition. I just knew because of the excruciating cramps that kept me up until 5am, the extreme exhaustion that I was already having, and then there was just that little thing called "mother's intuition".
My tummy just seems to keep growing. During the 8th week I looked down and BAM, there's more belly! By this time I've gained about 5 pounds putting me at a whopping 110-111...

Week 8

Last week, November 29, we had our second appointment which was my day to give away all of my blood for a million tests and to see how things were looking. Going into this appointment I had been winding myself into a ball of nerves and stress wondering how they were doing, if everyone was healthy, if there were still TWO babies.... you name it, I was thinking it! What we thought would be just another routine check up turned into be so much more! We actually got to SEE at our little bundles of joy again! Unfortunately no pictures are available... But, what we witnessed was absolutely amazing (sans pictures) and all of my worries were swept right out the door! We watched two little babies jumping and kicking around flailing their arms everywhere! It was such a shock to us both. Neither of us ever really thought about them actually moving like this at such an early stage. One actually had the hick ups and kind of did a jump/floating movement... we were such proud parents! Legs, arms, fingers and toes... noses and lips were there ~ words just fail me even thinking about it!

Sorry for the large post. I know that this was definitely a bundle to take in all at once! I will definitely post later with more info from our latest appointment and keep everyone up to date on the latest developments with our two little ones!!!


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